Notetaker - Disabled Students Programs and Services


  1. Students who wish to take advantage of note-taking services must make their request known to DSPS as soon as possible.
  2. Accommodation Services will notify the instructor to announce this need for a note-taker to the class. Our department will provide NCR notepaper to the student so a copy is automatically made, or will make copies of the notes.
  3. Students are encouraged to take their own notes to supplement the note-taker’s notes.

Frequently Asked Questions - Notetaking Services

Q. How do I get a notetaker?

Complete an Accommodations Request form prior to the beginning of each term by the due date (or when you have registered for a class) indicating notetaker services are needed.

Q. Does my instructor need to announce my name to the class?

Instructors may announce you by name - If you are concerned about this please see your DSPS counselor.

Q. Do I still need to take notes?

Yes, notes from the notetaker are in addition to your notes, not in place of your notes.

Q. How do I meet my notetaker?

Request to meet the notetaker. The instructor does not have to introduce you to the notetaker, please see JoyDawn if you have questions.

Q. How do I meet my notetaker?

Non-Carbon Replicating (NCR) paper (pick up in room 7122 or at Newark in NC 1313)

  • Email
  • Photo copy
  • Cell phone picture
  • Pick up notes: Fremont Campus - Interpreting and Accommodations, Building 7, First Floor, Room 7122

Q. I have not received any notes, what do I do?

Contact Joy Dawn Olla Interpreting and Accommodation Services Specialist