Charisma Challenge 2010 First Place Winner: Mary Reed - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

A Message from Mary Reed

Dear Friends of EOPS,

During my time at Ohlone College as an EOPS and CARE student, I have learned a wealth of knowledge about myself, life, and the pursuit of happiness through various workshops and events. The Charisma Challenge was a phenomenal transformational experience for me.

Charisma Winner 2010: Mary Reed - Before and After photos.

Both EOPS and CARE have enhanced my life tremendously; they have equipped me with hands on life skills to help me grow academically, mentally, and physically. The EOPS and CARE programs have helped me identify major needs and qualities within myself that have propelled me to pursue my life goals and dreams. As an EOPS and CARE student, I have been challenged to learn how to take care of myself and set standards that I never thought I could reach. As a single parent of four children, life has thrown many obstacles in my way. But with the skills and tools provided by EOPS and CARE, I can now handle anything that life throws at me.

In addition to life skills and academic support, both programs have also assisted me financially with book vouchers, grants, gas cards, meal tickets, and much more. Much of my success is attributed to the support and encouragement received from these programs. I couldn’t have made it thus far without them.

If you are perusing this website and encounter my message, let me take this opportunity to encourage you. If you are looking for a life changing experience, if you are willing to put forth the effort by working closely with all of the EOPS and CARE counselors and advisors then you need to check out these programs. You can and will accomplish your goal(s) too. In the end, your hard work will be worth it.

Someone once said, “To get something you have never had - you have to do something you have never done!"

Best wishes,

Message from the CARE Coordinator

Mary Reed is currently an EOPS/CARE student at Ohlone College. She is the mother of four children and grandmother of one. Mary has accepted the challenge of juggling family, education, and work to pursue higher education. She has been dedicated, committed, and actively involved in both the EOPS/CARE programs at Ohlone.

Mary has taken advantage of every opportunity afforded to her no matter how great or small. Her unwillingness to give up has been awe-inspiring and incredibly motivational. It hasn’t been easy, but she realizes that she cannot reach her goals, if she gives up. She is endeared by many because of her humble and infectious personality.

It has been a pleasure serving and watching Mary grow, develop, and blossom into the person she is today. If one word could describe Mary Reed, it would be "Tenacious."

Mary is slated to graduate in Fall 2011. She will be transferring to San Jose State University or California State University, East Bay and will be majoring in Sociology.

Congratulations, Mary!

Sandy Bennett
EOPS/CARE Coordinator