About the Charisma EOPS/CARE Enrichment Program - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Charisma banner: image of stylishly dressed woman on background of colorful rectangular blocks.

As the economy is changing, it’s important for students to learn how to create an image that sets them apart from everyone else when interviewing for on campus and/or off campus employment, scholarships, or college admissions, etc. It has been predicted by many that Community Colleges could play a key role in helping boost the ailing economy. With that said, in concert with academic training and other resources students must be prepared on multiple levels to adapt in this economic climate.

What is Charisma? Caren Schnur Neile, PH.D.,ATMS, who directs the South Florida Storytelling Project at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton describes it as “that certain combination of personality and vitality that compels us to pay attention and leaves us wanting more.” That’s Charisma! The word comes from the Greek language; the literal translation is “gift of grace.”

Charisma is designed to help students understand that by mastering social and professional ethics and etiquette they can create first and lasting impressions that will ruminate well after they have left the room.

The program was created to equip and provide students’ with soft skills to complement their academic skills and help them ramp up or develop their Charisma quotient that will enable them to stand out in today’s competitive labor market. The program instructs them on how to develop a winning image by presenting themselves, communicate their thoughts and ideas with intellect, emotion, poise, style, and confidence.

Charisma encourages students to make noticeable and permanent changes from the inside out that radiate respect, positive energy, self-assurance, self-efficacy, control, and eloquence.

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