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Dr. Gemma Jamena in her cap and gown for graduation from Ross University.Dr. Gemma Jamena, former Ohlone College EOPS student comes home…:

Dr. Gemma Jamena completed her medical degree with high honors from Ross University and her residency training from Virtua Family Medicine in New Jersey. She has returned to Fremont as one of the doctors at the Tri-City Health Center.

Everyone has their own path to travel. God allows us to encounter different types of people that affect our life in various ways. Some can ground you, others can drag you from bursting forth. But then again, there are those who thrust us to breaking the boundaries of what we perceive we could be. Others lift us up to new heights of dreaming and allow us to say, maybe, it doesn’t have to be just a dream. These are the people who believe in investing their time, kind hearts, and tireless effort to tend to that which yields the greatest- the seeds of hope.

That’s what the people of EOPS do. It’s not just a job for them. It is who they are.

At this time, my path has lead me back to serve my own community as a family physician and I am proud to say that I am but one of many that EOPS has helped. Still my journey continues…