District Vehicle Requests - Facilities and Campus Security Departments

The following persons are on the Approved Drivers List and are permitted to drive vehicles registered to the Ohlone Community College District. The list of drivers is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Approved Drivers List
(as of May 5, 2016)
Last Name First Name Department
Acosta Aaron Baseball, student
Adami Michael Basenball, student
Adams Andrea Forensics, faculty
Ahnholtz Brenda Speech, faculty
Albizo Hector  
Alim Frederick TV, staff
Alkire Melanie Women's Softball, staff
Allan James  
Allender Julia Women's Basketball, coach
Almeida Elliott Athletics, staff
Alvernza Lisa Nursing, faculty
Ang Meredith Women's Softball, staff
Arellano Rick CAOT, faculty
Argue Nikolai Adam Smith Center, Theatre & Dance, student
Arteaga Reynoso Brenda Counseling, faculty
Aviles Ruben Facilities, staff
Awuy Clifton  
Baczuk John  
Bansal Narinder Environmental Studies, faculty
Barbero Vincent Campus Police, staff
Barton James Security, staff
Bear Tony KOHL, staff
Beckman Kellie Women's Basketball, faculty
Bedolla Elias Men's Baseball, student
Bellamy Inga  
Bennett Sandy EOPS, staff
Benton Scott Men's Baseball, student
Beristianos Kristine Softball, student?
Berkland Diane Counseling, faculty
Bihl Katryna Ann  
Birkedahl Patrice College Advancement, director
Birkedahl Walter Dean
Blancas Chloe Women's Soccer, student
Blank Thomas Theatre, faculty
Bolduc Shelby Women's Volleyball, staff
Bond Isaiah Men's Baseball, student
Booras Christopher Smith Center, staff
Born Michael  
Briseno Thomas  
Broussard Amy Smith Center
Bryant Zackary Baseball
Buffington Daniel Baseball, student?
Cabral Patrick  
Cabus Keikilani Baseball, student
Calmerin Joshua Baseball, student
Campbell Jr. Edward Women's Basketball, staff
Carli Gale Dean
Carter Justin Men's Basketball, coach
Castro Elisa Transfer Center, staff
Cattaneo Douglas Paul Women's Softball
Cawley Kimberley  
Chan Allen Security, staff
Cheney Kaala Women's Water Polo, student
Chinn Marcella Women's Volleyball, student
Chivers Nicholas Communication, faculty
Christiansen Mathew Softball, staff
Christy Joshua Water Polo, student
Clark Keith Facilities, staff
Clark Scott Men's Basketball, staff
Colker Kelly Women's Softball, staff
Collins Julie Smith Center, staff
Cook Madison Women's Soccer, student
Cooper Tamara Theatre and Dance, faculty
Corral Kevin  
Cortez Jamie  
Cowan Dave  
Cragen Elliott Deaf Studies, staff
Croce Joleen Women's Volleyball, staff
Cross Melissa Softball, staff
Cruz David Facilities, staff
Cudal Elviro  
Cunningham Susan  
Curran Michael Baseball, faculty
Curtis Bobbie Jo Business Services, staff
Damon William Baseball, student
Dandouh Adam Swimming team, student
Davenport James R. Facilities, staff
Davich Michael TV studio, faculty
Davie Sean Theatre and Dance, student
De Unamuno Michael Counseling, faculty
Dempsey James Facilities, staff
Dewan Katherine Nursing, faculty
Diaz Max Baseball, student
Dinh Minh  
Dochterman Robert KOHL Radio, staff
Druley Jennifer HR, staff
Duarte Edmund  
Dulalia Gerry  
Dvorak Christopher  
Egan Joshua Baseball, student
Elliot Laura  
Ellis-Gonzalez Stefanie Deaf Studies, faculty
Ermitano Lauren Women's Softball, staff
Escalona Mark Women's Basketball, staff
Espinoza Ricardo  
Esquibel Jacob Facilities, staff
Failing Nathan Athletics, staff
Fan Kylie Softball, staff
Fang Xisheng  
Favela Larissa Speech / Forensics, faculty
Flynn Rick English, faculty
Fon Frances Counseling, staff
Fong Justin Men's Baseball, student
Fox Patrick  
French Donald  
Fresquez Adam  
Fu (Wong) Walter  
Garcia Anthony Men's Baseball, student
Garges Regina Nursing, staff
Garza Diana Newark Center, staff
Gertz Genie Deaf Studies Division, dean
Giles Rodney Men's Baseball, student
Gong Jasper  
Gonzales Judith Deaf Studies, faculty
Gonzales Renee Student Activities, staff
Gonzalez Maria Facilities, staff
Graf Matthew  
Grant Evan  
Gray Madeline Women's Soccer, student
Green Lance  
Green Luke  
Greene Jennifer Smith Center, staff
Grey Melissa Women's Soccer, student
Griffin Deborah  
Grotegut Richard CNET, faculty
Ha Helene Biology, staff
Hall-Cruz Isaac Baseball, student
Halliwell Raenette  
Halverson Rachael  
Hamblin Erik  
Harchous Thomas  
Harper Jennifer Counseling, faculty
Harrison Kay Speech, faculty
Harrison Tiffany Women's Soccer, student
Hart David Men's Baseball, student
Hartmangruber Michele  
Hashimoto Stuart Men's Basketball
Hauk Roger  
Hays Michael Men's Basketball, staff
Headley Yvonka Counseling, staff
Hebison Charlie  
Heslin Larry Women's Tennis, coach
Hess Alyssa Women's Water Polo, faculty
Higareda Christopher Theatre Department, student
Holcomb Thomas Deaf Studies, faculty
Howard William Campus Police
Hsu Jessica Flea Market, staff
Hsu Thomas Foundation, staff
Huang Mickey Smith Center, student
Hubbell Jarvis Facilities, staff
Hunnicutt Jerome  
Hyland Christopher  
Iniguez Alec Baseball, student
Ireland Donna Information Technology Services, staff
Irmer Ryan Men's Basketball, assistant coach
Isaac James  
Iwata Mayumi International Programs, staff
Jackson Latisha  
Jacobs Alexandria Women's Soccer, student
Jacobs Jaramy Men's Baseball, student
Jameson Brent  
Jeffries David Theatre, student
Jiang Yu Flea Market
Jiminez Carlos Baseball, student
Johns Clint  
Johnson Alvin  
Johnson Kathleen Human Resources, staff
Johnston Jamie Campus Police
Jones Learie Athletics, staff
Kahoalii Eric Baseball, staff
Kato Cheryl  
Kawasaki-Hull Kerrie  
Kellner Natalie Speech / Forensics, faculty
Kendall III Edgar  
Kendall IV Edgar  
Kennedy Scott Smith Center, student
Keogh James Security, staff
Kirchknopf Amadeus  
Kline Steven Men's Basketball
Klopping Sandra Deaf Studies, faculty
Kong Yu-Pui Information Technology Services, staff
Korn Alexandra  
Krisman Chris Baseball
Ladew Lindsey Athletics, staff
Landavazo Lenore Counseling, faculty
Lane Patrick Information Technology Services, staff
Langseth Matthew  
Lantz Mallory  
Lau Hoi  
Lawrence Shelley Deaf Studies, faculty
Lawson Ericka  
Le Dung Anh Flea Market, staff
Lebedeff Aleksey Staff, Purchasing
Lee Lora Women's Soccer, student
Lemp Kendyl  
Lentz Reynolds Alyce Deaf Studies, faculty
Leu Phillip Purchasing, staff
Lewis II Aaron  
Lewis Thomas Athletics, staff
Lieu Mark ESL, faculty
Lola Evan Smith Center
Luckoski Cynthia Graphic Arts, faculty
Ly Hoan  
Ma Ying  
Macinsky Keri  
Maglinao Mario  
Malik Arif Flea Market
Manzi Joseph Athletics, student
Marquez Jr. Romeo Theatre and Dance, staff
Marron James Theatre
Marroquin David Cordova Men's Soccer, coach
Marshall Julie Women's Softball, staff
Martinez Frank  
Martinez Kelly Engineering, student
Martinez Michael  
Maurer Nicholas Campus Police, staff
McEwan Jesse Counseling, faculty
McGrew James  
McKinney II Michael Flea Market
McLaughlin Patrick  
McMahon Thomas  
McNamee-Cole Carol Respiratory Therapist, director
Melody Maria Nursing, faculty
Mendonca Rickey Shuttle Driver
Mendoza Miguel  
Misha Yimamu  
Mishra Gajendra (Gary) Engineering, faculty
Mitchell Andy Men's Basketball
Mitchell Robert English, faculty
Moe Margaret Facilities, staff
Montoya Brianna Women's Soccer, student
Morales Peter Men's Basketball, staff
Moreno Cesar Facilities, staff
Morgan Rachel  
Mull Jeremy KOHL, staff
Mumin Harold  
Mundy Reginald  
Murphy Gweneth Security, staff
Nagel Elaine Flea Market, staff
Nelson Mark Theatre, faculty
Nelson Thomas Theatre, faculty
Ng Melissa Engineering, student
Nguyen Jonathan Flea Market, staff
Nichols Joe  
Nordmo Jan Men's Soccer, coach
Norem Heather  
O'Connell Jeffrey Mathematics, faculty
O'Donnell Matthew EDT, faculty
Ochoa Raul  
Olivas Cesar Men's Soccer, staff
Orias David Facilities manager
Ortiz Joseph Facilities, staff
Ortiz, Jr. Nickolas Men's Baseball, staff
Osawa Steven Security, chief
Oshea Brennan Men's Baseball, student
Ottavis Anna Volleyball, staff
Owen Denise Interior Design, faculty
Pacheco Quesada Greivin Men's Soccer, staff
Padilla Juan  
Palladino Michael Theatre, staff
Panales David HR, staff
Parker Jennifer Facilities, staff
Parks William Journalism, faculty
Parsons Daniel student
Pauliukonis Nancy Deaf Studies, faculty
Payne Donna Business Services, staff
Penaflor Jeremy Volleyball, coach
Peralta Benedick  
Perry Christopher Baseball, staff
Peters Jack Counseling, faculty
Peterson Jr. John Men's Basketball, coach
Phair Krista Communication, faculty
Picchi Stephen Women's Basketball, faculty/coach
Pinarcik Alexander  
Piumarta Vernon Business Administration, faculty
Pogue Mary  
Pontzious Lisa Softball, staff
Potter Jessica Women's Basketball, faculty
Pradere Brock Baseball, student
Punla Johnathan Men's Baseball, student
Raboy Drew Smith Center, staff
Radach Kevin Baseball
Raman Wendy  
Ramirez Jason Baseball, student
Ramirez Maria Smith Center, staff
Ramos Stephanie Counseling, faculty
Randall Melisa Women's Volleyball, staff
Rebello Adam Men's Soccer, student
Reynolds David Deaf Studies, staff
Richards Amanda Women's Volleyball, staff
Rizza Elizabeth Women's Basketball, faculty
Robeck Heather Flea Market
Roberts Jeffrey Athletics, faculty
Roberts Timothy Music, faculty
Rodamer Nicole Women's Volleyball
Rodgers George Faculty
Rodriguez Brian Campus Police, staff
Rodriguez Gerardo Men's Soccer, student
Rollins Delphyne Information Technology Services, staff
Roman Katrina  
Rosenbaum Kevin Flea Market, staff
Rossi Ronald Athletics
Rubin Janou Women's Basketball, staff
Runyon Donna Softball, coach
Russell Julian Baseball, coach
Saenz Roberto Baseball, staff
Sandoval Nicole  
Schurtz David  
Segalas Sherry  
Segraves Margery Computer Science and WEX, faculty
Sewell Brandon Part-time student employee
Sewell Michael  
Shaikh Owais Men's Soccer, student
Shum Christopher  
Siebert Aaron  
Silver Shannon Women's Soccer, student
Simpson D'Fonda Counseling, staff
Singh Vajinder Faculty
Smith Michael Theatre, faculty
Smith Patrick Smith Center
Snedigar Pamela GURC, director
Sommer Danielle  
Spallas Gregory Baseball, student
Sprugasci Joshua Baseball, student
Stagnaro Leta AVP
Stewart Karen  
Sundermeir Kiah Kinesiology, staff
Sutowski Teresa Speech, faculty
Takakuwa Wayne Couneling, counselor
Tate Tyler Baseball, student
Teshara Constance Academic Affairs, executive assistant
Torrence Robyn Men's Baseball, student
Torres Emilio Men's Soccer, student
Torres Joseph Baseball, student
Trigg Debra EOPS, director
Trost Karen  
Tucker Javari Men's Basketball, student
Valle Sergio Men's Soccer, faculty
Vanschaack Logan Men's Baseball, student
Varela Eliana Women's Soccer, student
Vargas-Sanchez Anali Women's Soccer, student
Veggian Andrew Athletics, staff
Vidal David-Brett Baseball, student
Villanueva Vanessa Women's Soccer, student
Villegas Fritzie Athletics, faculty
Virk Santosh Men's Soccer, student
Walker Almond Women's Softball, staff
Walker Audrey Theatre, staff
Wang Zi Jian  
Warden Christopher Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, and Newark Campus Division
Warner Steven  
Watanabe Jeffrey Environmental Studies, Faculty
Waters Mzao Counseling, faculty
Watkins Donald Baseball
Watson Jessica Smith Center, student
Weible Ryan Theatre and Dance, faculty
Whitchurch Marina  
White Alexander Groundskeeper, staff
White Kellie  
Wickizer Anthony  
Williams Don Men's Soccer, coach
Williamson Evan Men's Baseball, student
Wilson Jesse Theatre and Dance/Smith Center, student
Wong Kevin Facilities, staff
Wong William Deaf Studies, faculty
Worley John Chief of CPS
Yee Danielle Softball, staff
Yee Jamie Softball, staff
Yee Roger Women's Softball, staff
Yoshikawa Kyle Baseball, student
Zhou Nan Deaf Studies, faculty
Zingsheim Shairon AVP HR


If you have questions about the list of approved drivers or about the use of Ohlone College vehicles, please contact:

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