Custodial Services - Facilities and Modernization Department

The custodial care of all academic, administrative and athletic areas is handled by the Facilities Department custodial staff. Our custodial staff has a combined total of 143 years of service at Ohlone College. We have one custodian, for example, who has provided service to our campus since 1975 (soon after the campus was built.) We feel that our students, faculty, staff and our guests deserve the cleanest possible environment. Our staff follows policies and procedures that assure compliance with campus standards, California Health and Safety Codes, California Code of Regulations, OSHA standards and Alameda County ordinances.

Academic Areas

Classrooms and labs are mopped and vacuumed weekly. Common areas are also cleaned and supplied daily. Floor finishings and carpet cleaning in all areas are done as needed.

Administrative Areas

Offices are vacuumed weekly, or as needed. Desks, file cabinets and bookcases are dusted weekly. Floor care is performed on an annual basis, usually during the summer months, or as needed.

Athletic Areas

The fieldhouse, gymnasium and pool area is maintained on a daily basis. Locker rooms and rest rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily.


The Facilities Department at Ohlone College is committed to a sustainable way of doing business. As a department, we recycle a number of materials including:

  • Landscape debris (including trees that have been removed) is shredded or chipped. It is left to cure in part of our open space area. Once is has been cured, it is used throughout the campus in landscape areas to minimize weeds and as a decorative touch.
  • Metal is recycled. We dispose of many types of metal from materials discarded due to a repair, old and damaged file cabinets to metal from the Scene Shop at the Smith Center.
  • Cardboard from shipments of supplies.
  • Construction Debris

We recycle beverage containers, mixed paper and corrugated cardboard. This is due to a collaborative effort within the campus community. Materials such as beverage containers and office paper may be placed in the same containers marked "recycle" which are placed throughout campus. We are currently using a recycler that allows commingled recyclable materials.

See also Recycling at Ohlone.

Refuse Collection

Trash is emptied daily in all academic, administrative and athletic areas. Trash is also collected in public areas and restrooms on a daily basis. Disposal of broken glass and chemical containers are other services provided by the custodians. Please contact Facilities for assistance.


All restrooms campus wide are cleaned, disinfected and supplied daily.

Room and Special Event Set-Ups

The custodial staff is responsible for all set-up requests in the academic, administrative and athletic areas.

Contact Information

For assistance, please contact the Facilities Department.