Elevator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Maintenance Services - Facilities and Modernization Department

Q. Why are some of the elevator permits expired?

The California State Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Elevator, Ride and Tramway (ERT) Unit issues permits to operate our elevators and other lift devices; they conduct periodic inspections to ensure that the devices are operating safely; and they investigate complaints and accidents.

If the permit in an elevator has expired, it is because DOSH has not conducted their annual inspection for this period. It is not unusual for DOSH to be behind schedule, and we have no way to impact their inspection schedule.

Being a government agency, DOSH has experienced budget cuts that have resulted in work overloads for their inspectors. Their inspectors place priority on inspecting new or reconstructed elevators and elevators that were involved in injuries, and place the lowest priority on "unincidental" elevators that simply require a reinspection, such as ours. Until DOSH conducts their inspection, they will not re-issue a current permit.

Q. Are the elevators safe to ride?

Absolutely! The Facilities Department and our business partner, Thyssen-Krupp Elevator Company, are committed to elevator reliability and safety. We are very aware of how critical elevators are to College operations, and particularly to our disabled community members who rely on them to navigate through the campus.

Q. What type of maintenance service is conducted on the elevators?

Thyssen-Krupp Elevator Company provides monthly maintenance service to ensure safe and reliable operation of our elevators and lifts. Thyssen-Krupp thoroughly inspects and makes adjustments to the variety of components required to ensure smooth and reliable operation, including cab fixtures, signals and lights, handrails and panels, hoistway rails, machine room equipment, pumps and valves, oil levels and tank integrity, controller contacts, main operating controllers and switches, pump motor bearings, traveling cables, pit gland packings, undercar guides, traveling cables, door operator components, door safety edges, light rays and cables.

The Facilities Department staff provide inspections of the elevators routinely throughout the month. Although California law prohibits our Maintenance Staff from working on elevator mechanisms, our Maintenance staff are trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable and prepared to assist in preventive maintenance, repair and entrapment rescues.