Members - Facilities and Sustainability Committee

Each member represents an building and/or area of the District. Those representations are noted below.

(Minor updates May 2016, August 2016, November 2016, March 2017.)

Co-chairs (2)

  • Jeffrey Watanabe
  • Susan Yeager

Faculty (6)

  • Bob Bradshaw
  • Tim Roberts
  • Rick Arellano
  • Carmen Madden
  • Kathy Sparling

Students (2)

  • Wafaa Elshawarbi
  • (Vacant)

Classified Staff (5)

  • Confidential
    • (Vacant)
  • CSEA
    • Arti Damani
    • David Wood
  • SEIU
    • Michael Martinez
    • (Vacant)

Administration (7)

  • Director, Facilities: (Vacant)
  • Dean, Arts and Social Sciences Division: Walt Birkedahl
  • Dean, Business, Technology, and Career Technical Education Division: Lesley Buehler
  • Director, Disabled Students Programs and Services: Ann Burdett
  • Director, Purchasing, Contracts, Auxiliary Services, and Hazardous Materials Coordinator: Alex Lebedeff
  • Dean, Science, Engineering and Mathematics Division: Bob Bradshaw
  • Director, Business Services: Farhad Sabit
  • Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting Division: Chris Warden

Ex-officio (non-voting) (7)

  • College President / District Superintendent: Gari Browning
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs / Deputy Superintendent: Leta Stagnaro
  • Vice President for Administrative Services: Susan Yeager
  • Vice President for Student Services: Minh-Hoa Ta
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training: Shairon Zingsheim
  • Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services: Chris Dela Rosa

Facilities and Sustainability Committee Support (non-member; non-voting)