Second DRAFT - Minutes

October 19, 2005 - 3:00 PM

Bldg 25 Conference Room


Senate Representatives: Lottie Bain, Richard Grotegut, Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, Tim Roberts, Marge Segraves, Heidi Story, Carolyn Strickler, Teresa Sutowski, and Barbara Tull.


Others present:  Chris Warden, Gabriel Vila, Ron Travenick, Deb Parziale, Jim Wright.


1.  Approval of Minutes

Barbara Tull made some changes to the minutes from October 5.  Minutes approved with changes.


2.  Announcements  - No announcements.


3. CAPAC Report & CAPAC/Senate relationship - Chris Warden/Barbara Tull


Chris Warden passed out the 2005-6 Goals for CAPAC.  He wanted us to be aware of goals #6 in particular, which has to do with course review.  There are 9 departments undergoing course review this fall, and 6 departments that will undergo course review in the spring.  He wanted faculty to be aware that CAPAC will be expanding it’s current roll of course approval, course review, and program approval to include program review.  This will allow the committee to become a more encompassing group centered on both the course and program process.  Also, Chris wanted to inform the group that CAPAC is available to provide assistance with course review.  Faculty are welcome to attend CAPAC meetings to discuss the review process of both course and program and to learn from other departments who may be presenting during those meeting during the first meeting of the month. 


In light of the expanded role of CAPAC, the committee is proposing a name change back to "Curriculum Committee".  This name would more accurately reflect the role of the committee.  The Senate decided that it should vote on the name change.  It was pointed out that this was introduced as an information item, and could not be voted on until made an action item.


Motion to motion (M) Kirshner (S) Grotegut.  Motion approved unanimously.


Motion to accept proposed change of committee name from CAPAC to Curriculum Committee (M) Kirshner (S) Grotegut.  Motion approved unanimously.


4. Building 7 Removal Feasibility Study - Tull


Document distributed to Senators "Requirements for Replacing Building 7 Sections".  Document produced by Michael Bowman's office.  Barbara asked that Senators look over document to see if there are any concerns with the changes proposed.  Victoria brought up that the document shows only 2 Math sections being offered in Building 7 in the spring, whereas in reality there will be 11 math sections offered.  This is a significant difference and should be considered in the plan.  It was pointed out by the audience that this document was based on the fall schedule.  Barbara suggested that Senators consult with constituents and report any concerns with the plan to their respective deans.


5. Keller letter to the Board - Tull


Dennis Keller will not be sending the letter distributed at the previous Senate meeting to the Board.   Instead, College Council would like to draft a position statement.  He would like Senate's endorsement or to have us draft our own position statement..  There was much discussion at Council about the tone of the letter.   Previous Board meetings were held in the afternoon, night meetings are not well attended.  For this reason, the Board acts in a sort of vacuum.  Students would attend meetings if they were at a more reasonable time.  There was talk of scheduling an afternoon meeting at least once a month.  It could help to change the process.  Alan asked if that would work for the Board members.  Some are commuting, and one is attending via telephone.  Council wants to take this to the October 26 Board meeting, the Senate will not meet again prior to this.  We can endorse anything we draft via email.  Barbara emphasized that in any statement, we would probably want to focus on how to move forward rather than pointing out any shortcomings.


6. Committees - Harrison


Kay reported that it has been slow getting responses from all faculty on committee assignments, but it is coming together.  Some faculty are reporting assignments other than committee work.  Kay will put together a chart with everyone's committee assignments and bring it to Senate.  She would like to put this up on the Senate website.  The Staff Development Committee vacancies have been filled.  The Student Conduct Board still needs members.


7. College Calendar Change - Tull


Document distributed to Senators "Academic Calendar Change Implementation Planning, Working Document, October 19, 2005".  The document includes an overview of the calendar implementation and a timeline.  Dr. Treadway has already sent a letter of intent to Chancellor Drummond.  The first iteration of the Fall 2006 16-week calendar is scheduled to be completed by November 15.  The Senate will be able to review the calendar at the Senate meeting November 16, and again on December 7.  College Council will make a final recommendation for implementation on December 9.


There was discussion about how the calendar will affect faculty and staff. Senators are encouraged to talk to constituents and staff and be sure everyone is aware of the implications of the new calendar.  We will all be affected by the changes and we need to be aware that there will be a period of adjustment. 


We are still working out whether or not we have a 10-minute or a 15-minute pass period.  The Chancellor’s office indicated that schools on the 16-week calendar did not have M-W-F classes, they all had M-W/T-Th classes, no classes on Friday, and evening classes on Friday.  There are provisions for classes like Math that might want to meet 5 days a week.  We might be able to make those types of changes once we have more space. 


There was a question of overlapping classes.  All of efforts are not to produce overlap for students who are in a sequence of classes.  If that is occurring now, you may want to contact dean since new schedule will be modeled on the old one.  Another question was whether we will we offer intersession?  There is the possibility in the new calendar, but we haven’t gotten that far.  If we do have offerings they will probably be very limited in the beginning.  How soon would we need to commit to that if we are interested?  These could be so program specific they wouldn’t even need to be published, ie:  rehearsals for spring dance recital.  One thing to tell constituents is that schedule is a work in progress;  in the first year we may still be finding our way.  First iteration of schedule will be published on November 15, Senate will have a chance to look at it the following day.  Updates will be brought to Senate in November/December, and College Council will make recommendation on December 9 whether we will do this next year.


8. Accreditation - SLOs, ongoing dialogue, and continual review - Tull

Barbara provided some handouts on learning outcomes and accreditation.  She and some others from Ohlone attended an accreditation workshop given by WASC recently.  The new accreditation standards require that we develop Student Learning Outcomes for all our courses (SLOs).  There is even talk about tying budget to this.  These SLOs should describe what students learn, not what instructors teach.  Alan pointed out that SLOs are no different than the learning objectives we created 20 years ago.  They were student-centered then and remain so.  The point was made that whether we like it or not, WASC wants to see that we have an ongoing dialogue about SLOs and we will be evaluated by this standard.  This can be demonstrated by inclusion in meeting minutes. Barbara will be bringing related issues to the Senate to discuss, such as academic freedom and privacy.  The CSUs have already discussed these two issues in relationship to the new accreditation requirements. 


9. President's Update - Tull


Barbara attended Area B meeting last Friday.  The major issues being discussed at the state level are 1) AA/AS degree 2) position paper on Nursing.  The state will be looking at AA/AS degrees.  The concerns are the proliferation of Associate degrees and the lack of consistency between institutions in what the Associate Degree means.  The state will be looking at these issues, as well as things like minimum g.p.a. required for graduation. 


In addition, there is a new piece of legislation requires that everyone who gets certified as an electrician will need to take courses.  Vocational programs at community colleges have been identified as provider of coursework.  Existing vocational programs will offer courses necessary for certification.


Marilena will come to update us on WebCT/Blackboard merger.  We have been using WebCT to host our online courses at no charge.  WebCT's new structure will not allow this.  Ohlone needs to decide how we will host our online classes in the future. The bottom-line is that hosting online courses will be more expensive at Ohlone.  At the same time, we are offering more online courses than ever, and it is expected that our online offerings will continue to grow.  It was asked if we could charge extra for these classes.  Ron Travenick explained that we are unable to do this according to Ed Code.  A suggestion was made that perhaps we charge a lab fee for these classes.  Letter from Jim Wright given to Senators.  


10.  Announcements from Senators -

No announcements.


Move to adjourn (M) Bain (S) Grotegut.  Meeting adjourned 4:20 p.m.


Senators for 2005 - 2006

Building 1 & 5                                                Bunny Klopping

Building 2 & Hyman Hall                               Kay Harrison - Committees Chair                 

Building 4 & Smith Center                             Teresa Sutowski                     

Building 6 & 7                                                Marge Segraves

Building 8                                                       Carolyn Strickler         Rep to CCLC

Building 9 & NOC                                         vacant                                     

Counseling and LR&IT                                  Susan Myers                Secretary

Deaf Studies & Special Services                    Nancy Pauliukonis     

Exercise Science & Wellness                          Lottie Bain                  Treasurer

Fine Arts, Business, & Broadcasting              Janel Tomblin-Brown (Fall)/Tim Roberts (Spring)

Health Sciences                                               Heidi Story

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (English & ESL)        Barbara Tull                President

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (other depts.)             Alan Kirshner

Math, Sci., & Tech. (ASTR, BIOL, BIOT,

CAOT, CHEM, CS, & PHYS)                       Richard Grotegut

Math, Sci., & Tech. (other depts.)                  Victoria Loukianoff