Wednesday, April 19

Building 25 Conference Room

3:00-4:30 p.m.



Senate Representatives:  Lottie Bain, Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, George Rodgers, Marge Segraves, Heidi Story, Carolyn Strickler, Teresa Sutowski, Janel Tomblin-Brown, and Barbara Tull.  


Others present: 

Jim Wright, Ralph Kindred, Rob Smedfjeld, Gail Carli



Nawani and Karen (student ambassadors) requested help for Welcome Day (August 23).


Approval of Minutes

No changes to April 5, 2006 meeting minutes.  Minutes approved. 


Susan received an email requesting a change to the minutes of the March 15, 2006 minutes (these minutes had already been approved).  The change was to delete the words “Staff Development” in front of “Star of the Month”.  Susan read the section of the minutes to the Senate.  Susan will email the amended minutes to the Senate.


Graduation, Spring 2007

Under the new compressed calendar, finals will be held Monday through Friday.  It is still undetermined when graduation will be held under this new calendar.  One suggestion is to hold graduation the week prior to final exams.  Some students already polled seem to prefer this option.  Another suggestion is to hold graduation on Thursday night; however, the concern is that this may be difficult for students who have final exams on Friday.  Another idea is to have finals Friday through Thursday, and to hold commencement on Friday.  The problem here is that classes held on Friday will miss one class meeting.  Students also seem to prefer having a weekend to prepare before finals begin.  Holding graduation Friday night or Saturday is problematic, as many families like to go out of town for Memorial Day weekend.  Friday afternoon was suggested, however, this may be difficult for some parents who can’t get off work.  We will hear more from students after they finish polling.  The Senate should revisit this before the end of the semester.


Revisions of Academic Regulations

Barbara distributed handout titled “Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4, Academic Affairs”.  These are recommendations from the Community College League of California.  President Treadway would like to make these part of academic regulations at Ohlone College.  Before he does this, he is giving the Senate the opportunity to provide feedback and make any changes. 


The Senate reviewed the policy.  Some of the sections will be referred to the appropriate committees, such as the GE Committee or Curriculum Committee. Sections that Senate will review include Academic Calendar, Program Discontinuance, Remedial Coursework, Course Repetition, Grading Symbols, Grade Changes, Academic Renewal, Field Trips and Excursions.  The Senate will need to form committees to deal with some of these sections. 


80% law proposal

Some legislation has been proposed to allow part-time faculty to work 80% rather than 60% (the current limit).  Barbara will be voting on this issue at the state Academic Senate plenary session next week (April 27-29, 2006). 


Barbara presented arguments in favor of the change.  Primarily, part-time faculty want to be more involved on campuses.  They also don’t want to have to commute between several different colleges.  Gail Carli was present to discuss the problem of finding Nursing faculty.  All 72 Nursing programs in the state are backing this proposal.  Most of their courses are 5-units, which makes it difficult to find PT faculty to fill positions (60% limits faculty to 9-units per semester).  Many PT nursing faculty would work 80% if they had this option, yet would not be able to commit to a FT position.  There is a separate piece of legislation that may allow Nursing to have this option.  Lottie agreed that raising the load to 80% would be helpful for Physical Education in hiring coaches.  Heidi agreed it would also be helpful for Physical Therapy.


Against:  Raising the limit to 80% allows colleges to give a PT faculty almost a full-time load and pay them part-time wages.  Also, PT faculty do not get benefits.   


A concern was raised that this proposal would allow colleges to hire fewer full-time faculty.   Since we have the 75/25 law, the school would still have to maintain a certain ratio of full-time to part-time faculty regardless of the load that PT faculty are allowed to teach.


Final Exam policy in Faculty Handbook

Tabled until the next meeting.


Upcoming call for committee members:  Faculty Senate, College Council, & campus committees

Senate discussed how we want to communicate better with College Council.  A suggestion was to have updates from College Council at the beginning of Faculty Senate meetings.  Another suggestion was to have committees make brief reports to the Senate.  This has already been done on an as-needed basis.  However, the agenda does not necessarily say "Committee Report:______".


Motion:  Place committee reports at the beginning of the agenda for both standing and ad hoc committees as needed  (M) Kirshner (S) Harrison.  Majority in favor.  Motion passed.


Update on revisions to the by-laws of the Faculty Senate



President's Update



Meeting adjourned at 4:45


Senators for 2005 - 2006

Building 1 & 5                                                 Bunny Klopping

Building 2 & Hyman Hall                                Kay Harrison - Committees Chair

Building 4 & Smith Center                               Teresa Sutowski

Building 6 & 7                                                 Marge Segraves

Building 8                                                        Carolyn Strickler       Rep to CCLC

Building 9 & NOC                                           vacant                      

Counseling and LR&IT                                    Susan Myers             Secretary

Deaf Studies & Special Services                      Nancy Pauliukonis   

Exercise Science & Wellness                           Lottie Bain                Treasurer

Fine Arts, Business, & Broadcasting                Janel Tomblin-Brown/Tim Roberts

Health Sciences                                               Heidi Story

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (English & ESL)           Barbara Tull              President

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (other depts.)                Alan Kirshner

Math, Sci., & Tech. (ASTR, BIOL, BIOT,

CAOT, CHEM, CS, & PHYS)                          Richard Grotegut/George Rodgers

Math, Sci., & Tech. (other depts.)                    Victoria Loukianoff