Draft Minutes

May 17, 2006

3:00-4:30 p.m.

Building 25 conference room



Senate Representatives:  Lottie Bain, Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, George Rodgers, Marge Segraves, Heidi Story, Carolyn Strickler, Teresa Sutowski, Janel Tomblin-Brown, and Barbara Tull.  


Others present:  Jon Degallier, Ron Travenick, Ralph Kindred, Rob Smedfjeld, Mark Lieu, Jim Wright, Mona Farley.


1. Announcements


Jeff O’Connell announced Transfer Day, Fall 2006.  Transfer Day will be very early next fall.  The date is Tuesday, September 19, 2006 from 10:00-1:00 in the lobby of Building 1.  As in the past, tables will be set up for university representatives.  Immediately following, there will be a University panel from 2:00-3:00 p.m..  The panel will have representatives from UC, CSU, private schools, and financial aid.  T-shirt Tuesdays will continue, however, there will only be three Tuesdays in the fall semester prior to the event.  Planning for Transfer Day will need to occur during the summer.


2. Approval of Minutes

Susan Myers made a couple of changes to the announcement section of the minutes.  Barbara also added corrections to the President’s report.  Minutes approved with changes.


Motion to approve changes (M) Klopping  (S) StoryAll in favor.  Motion passed.


3. Committee Reports

3a) Grading Policy change – Kirshner, Klopping


Document distributed titled “Grade Changes (#55760)”.  This document recommends that we add an appeal process for grade changes to our Board Policy, in reference to Ed Code section #55760. 


Motion:  This policy be forwarded to the administration for action (M) Kirshner (S) SegravesAll in favor.  Motion passed.


3b) By-Laws & Constitution – Segraves, Smedfjeld, Kirshner, Tull


This item discussed at the previous meeting.  No additional comments.


4. President’s Report


4a) Faculty Computer Upgrades

Committee met to discuss upgrades of faculty computers.  There is $21K in the budget for upgrades.  It was determined that we need $25K to meet just the desperate needs. 


4b) Computing Committee

The Computing Committee is forming. There is going to be a proposal to College Council to eliminate Task Forces, but this has not yet been discussed at Council.  The idea is to go back to the committee structure that we had before.  The structure of the computing committee is yet to be determined, but those interested will have a chance to serve.  Barbara has had many faculty express interest in this committee and has forwarded these names to Doug.  The initial meetings may be held in the summer.


4c) Instructional Technologist Sabbatical replacement

Richard Grotegut and Lesley Buehler will split Marilena’s duties during her sabbatical.  Lesley will be handling the training portion and Richard will be handling the technology.  This will continue as a 10-month faculty position.


4d) College Council

In the fall the meeting time will be changed to Monday at 3:00 pm.


(The secretary missed something here about Steve Fajardo and the decision not to replace the Chief of Police?)


4e) Faculty Office moves 

Barbara and Jim met to discuss faculty office moves.  The office moves have been determined.  Everyone seems to be happy.


4f) Faculty with new babies

There are lots of new babies this year all over campus!  Teresa Sutowski and ________ both had babies.  Allison Bly and Brenda Anholtz are due anyday.


4g) Plaques

The Senate needs to update the plaque in the library commemorating deceased faculty.  There is also a plaque for Senate presidents that needs to be updated.


4h) Senate travel budget

The travel budget for Senate is very low right now.  We still need to pay for the President-elect to attend the leadership institute this summer.  There are also lots of people from Curriculum Committee who want to go to the Curriculum Institute.  We do not have the funds to cover all of this travel.  The total costs for yearly Senate travel is around $3500.  Jim has generously offered to add $5000 to the Senate travel budget (tentatively).  With the addition of these funds, one person from Curriculum Committee may be funded to attend the summer Curriculum Institute from the Senate budget.  The rest of the funds for Curriculum Institute will come from Staff Development.


5. Election of President


No other candidates.  Susan Myers elected by acclamation.


6. Updates from Vice President (Jim Wright)


Next year we will be very crunched for space.  We will find ourselves cramped until Newark and the new Student Services Building open. 


There are also several computer labs on campus that desperately need to be updated.    We are looking at options in terms of financing, including purchase, lease to own, or lease only.  The updates will probably occur over a three year period. 


7. Final Exams


Barbara distributed a document from Jim re: Final Exams.  Currently, the faculty handbook section on Final Exams does not reflect current practice on campus.  Jim proposed a revision that will more closely align with what faculty are doing.  Barbara presented an alternate proposal with minor changes.  Senators discussed the two proposals.


Final Exams:


1. All classes must incorporate a summative (comprehensive?) assessment, examination or project.


2. Classes will meet during finals week, according to the official final exam schedule. Activity courses may substitute a public performance for a meeting during final’s week with the Dean’s permission.


3. A two-hour final exam is encouraged. However, faculty whose courses do not require a final exam may conduct a two-hour class centered around an alternative activity.  (Alternatives to a final exam can include a performance, a class project, presentations, or other student activity that is relevant to the course.) 


Motion:  That we approve the proposal with changes discussed (M) Myers (S) Janel Tomblin-Brown.  All in favor.  Motion passed.


8. Bookstore Update – Mona Farley


Senate Bill AB 2477 has directed bookstores to look at ways to lower prices on textbooks.  Mona has been looking at all sorts of different strategies to do this.  We should be able to get into a Bay Area textbook consortium with other bookstores to work together to drop prices on books.  The bookstore has also considered many other options, such as renting.  Mona was hoping to get some faculty volunteers to help her go through some of the information she has gathered and come up with some ideas to lower prices on books.  Mona has also considered working with EOPS or the Foundation to implement some of these ideas.  She is asking the Senate for help in piloting textbook rental.  We probably want to form a textbook committee in the fall to help Mona with this. 


9. Campus Committees/Task Forces


A proposal will go to College Council to eliminate Task Forces in 2006-2007.  We need to determine what our new committee structure will look like.  This may be a topic at the College Council retreat on May 31.  Since things are still undetermined, it would probably be better to send out the call for committees in the fall.  Mark suggested that we attach the call for committees with the flex documents sent out early in the fall.


10. Senate Planning


Do we want to have some sort of Senate retreat before the fall semester begins?  Barbara offered to host an informal planning retreat for Senate at her home.  Senate decided to meet on Monday, August 21 around 4pm.


11. Any other Business


When will we discuss commencement for 2006-2007?  This should be an agenda item next year.  The spring schedule will go to print early in the fall semester.  This may be an item to discuss at the retreat and/or fixed flex.


The Senate discussed the meeting room for next year.  Room 5301 is reserved from 3:15-5:00.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m…


Senators for 2005 - 2006

Building 1 & 5                                                 Bunny Klopping

Building 2 & Hyman Hall                                Kay Harrison - Committees Chair

Building 4 & Smith Center                               Teresa Sutowski

Building 6 & 7                                                 Marge Segraves

Building 8                                                        Carolyn Strickler       Rep to CCLC

Building 9 & NOC                                           vacant                     

Counseling and LR&IT                                    Susan Myers             Secretary

Deaf Studies & Special Services                      Nancy Pauliukonis   

Exercise Science & Wellness                           Lottie Bain                Treasurer

Fine Arts, Business, & Broadcasting                Janel Tomblin-Brown/Tim Roberts

Health Sciences                                               Heidi Story

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (English & ESL)           Barbara Tull              President

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (other depts.)                Alan Kirshner

Math, Sci., & Tech. (ASTR, BIOL, BIOT,

CAOT, CHEM, CS, & PHYS)                          Richard Grotegut/George Rodgers

Math, Sci., & Tech. (other depts.)                  Victoria Loukianoff