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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Room 5301


Senate RepresentativesLottie Bain, Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, and Barbara Tull.  


Others present:

Ralph, Vicki Curtis, Rob Smedfjeld, Jim Wright, Deb Parziale, Leta Stagnaro


1. Announcements


Carolyn Strickler is attending a colloquium. 


2.  Approval of Minutes


Minutes approved with correction.


3. Proposed 2007-2008 Academic Calendar - Myers 


Feedback on the Calendar: 


Motion:  Accept calendar unchanged if July 3 is not a legal holiday for classified with the possibility that graduation could be moved to May 23.   (Kirshner)    Second Loukianoff

Motion passed.


4. Tennis as an Ohlone Sport  - Wright


The tennis team was discontinued about 15 years ago, and the courts fell into disrepair.

Proposed strategy is to encourage an increase of full time students by including co-curricular activities to attract them.  The tennis courts have been renovated.  The WashingtonHigh School tennis coach would coach the team, and it would be piloted as a club sport.  All feeder high schools have tennis teams.  The team could use USTA funding; a grant will be written.


5. Proposal for Faculty Positions - Wright


Proposals:  1) to fill vacancy in Computer Studies with a full-time position in Exercise Science and Wellness and 2) to create a new faculty position in Environmental Science and Technology.  Jim requests Senate endorsement of these two positions so that the hiring process can take place in the spring. 


Jim has asked Senate to carry out process of educational planning for filling faculty vacancies whether or not funding is available for hiring, particularly in anticipation of retirees within the next 3-5 years.


The need is urgent, as the Fitness Center is a major theme for the Newark campus.  The College needs a strong program on both campuses, and this can’t be done with the current two faculty members.  PE has been down a position for a long time (lost due to the resignation of a soccer coach).


The Computer Studies position is not needed.  This move would return the number of PE faculty positions to what it was. 


Alan Kirshner stated his concern that too often at OhloneCollege faculty/departments who were the most outspoken/pushy got their needs filled.  For just this reason, the Faculty Senate must follow through on its suggested policy for prioritizing new Faculty positions.


Motion: Restore the PE position. Fill the computer studies position with an Environmental Science and Technology faculty member.   (Bain)      Second (Harrison)

6 Ayes

1 Abstention


6.  Retreat for Prioritization of New Faculty Positions - Myers


Susan will schedule a Senate retreat in January prior to the beginning of the spring semester to complete the educational planning process for filling faculty vacancies.




7. Basic Skills Coordination Team Proposal - Wright 


Basic skills courses are non-AA degree applicable. Currently 86% of students test into basic skills writing classes; 67% test into basic skills reading;  20% test into transfer level math;  36% test into math 190/151. Those numbers are low; however, numbers for CSU are comparable.


During the 2005 calendar year, the English and Math departments held meetings which resulted in certain conclusions about basic skills courses.  Currently we have basic skills courses, but no basic skills program.  Since then the assessment instrument has been changed to Acuplacer, a computerized, sequentially scored instrument that provides immediate results to students.  Wayne Takakuwa is conducting validation sessions with subject-area faculty. 


Jim distributed a handout outlining 8 characteristics the College would like to model in a basic skills program.  The goal is to institutionalize this, led by a Basic Skills and Supplemental Instruction Coordination Team.


A large amount of money is available at the state level for basic skills programs


Motion:  The Faculty Senate supports the approach the college is taking with respect to institutionalizing a basic skills program. (Kirshner)

Second (Harrison)

Motion Passed.



8. Learning Communities Advisory Group Proposal - Curtis


Vicki Curtis proposed the formation of a learning community advisory group to carry out long range planning, develop guidelines for appropriate linkage of courses, and promote learning communities on campus.


Motion:  Faculty Senate supports the formation of a Learning Community Advisory Group to promote the success of learning communities.  (Harrison)

Second:  Bain

Motion passed.


9. Board of Trustees Reorganization - Myers


Faculty Senate needs to keep the issue of Trustee Brunton’s censure going.  While content that he was removed as president, the Senate is disturbed that Board has not censured him.  


Senate thanks Nick Nardolillo for allowing the faculty to speak.  Censure is still needed for his continued comments and implications, specifically his recent comments about the HP scandal, and his implication that Dr. Treadway is not bringing information to the board in a timely manner—these kinds of statements will continue until he is censured for his remarks.  He has also implied that the rest of the Board members are not doing their jobs.


It was suggested that Senate ask the Board investigate those things that can be substantiated- circumstances in which he has embarrassed the college, president, and board..


10. President's Report - Myers


Associate Degree

The State Senate will make a recommendation to the chancellor’s office regarding the Associate degree.  There are 5 very different proposals; one or all could be voted on next week.

Two most viable proposals:  1) to define the difference between the AS and AA degrees and 2) to have a single title for the Associate degree.  Do we want the state to make this decision or leave it up to each individual college?


Senate supports a state definition of the AS and AA degrees.

Senate recommends removing “transfer” from Associate degrees because students don’t necessarily fulfill all requirements for a university degree.


College Committees

There have been many requests for committees;  any committee that needs to fill vacancies may go ahead and recruit.


Task Forces

Task Forces that reported to College Council no longer function.


Faculty Vacancy Prioritization Process

Suggested date for Senate pre-semester retreat:  Thursday, January 25.  There may be other faculty who need to be there.  The current prioritization process contains questions that need to be addressed. Susan will put this item on the agenda some time before January.


Faculty computers

There is a surplus in the faculty computer line in the budget.  The current inventory will be reviewed; need to formally assess faculty computer needs.


11.  All Other Business







Senators for 2005 - 2006

Building 1 & 5                                                   Bunny Klopping

Building 2 & Hyman Hall                                   Kay Harrison             Committees Chair

Building 4 & SmithCenter                                 vacant

Building 6 & 7                                                   vacant

Building 8                                                          Carolyn Strickler        Rep to CCLC

Building 9 & NOC                                             vacant                      

Counseling and LR&IT                                      Susan Myers              President

Deaf Studies & Special Services                        Nancy Pauliukonis      Secretary

Exercise Science & Wellness                             Lottie Bain                

Fine Arts, Business, & Broadcasting                   vacant

Health Sciences                                                Heidi Story

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (English & ESL)             Barbara Tull               Vice-President

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (other depts.)                 Alan Kirshner

Math, Sci., & Tech. (ASTR, BIOL, BIOT,

CAOT, CHEM, CS, & PHYS)                          George Rodgers

Math, Sci., & Tech. (other depts.)                    Victoria Loukianoff  Treasurer