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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 15


Room 5301


Senate Representatives:  Lottie Bain, Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, George Rodgers, Carolyn Strickler, and Barbara Tull.  


Others present:

Jim Wright, Leta Stagnaro, Chris Warden



1.  Announcements


     Heidi Story has resigned from Ohlone.  The Senate needs a senator from  Health



2.  Approval of Minutes


     Approved with changes


3. By-Laws & Constitution Subcommittee Report - Myers, Kirshner


1.  Constitution




Motion: The revised constitution is to be presented to the full faculty at the flex meeting in January for a full faculty vote, allowing extended time for faculty who are not present at the meeting to vote.  (Kirshner)  Second (Tull

(There may be concern about the membership requirement for part time faculty;  if there are objections, this item can be removed to be voted on separately.)

Motion Passed.


Senators should read the bylaws; they will be addressed at the next meeting.



4. Accreditation Self Study Team Proposal- Wright


Ohlone is about to carry out an accreditation self study focusing on the last 6 years.  The accreditation report includes structured standards, questions to be addressed and analyzed (eg. Institutional commitment to academic process, integrity, focus on student learning, planning and evaluation process)  Colleges are asked to address these themes in a unique way.  They are looking for innovated approaches to weaving in themes. Jim is proposing that we tell the Ohlone story following the model of Ohlone Indian storytellers.  Stories could focus on renewal, empowerment, the teaching/learning process, etc.  This is an opportunity to produce a document that really says something;  we will do a traditional self study, but weave into it some of these stories. The idea of telling stories would make the self-study report more real and readable. 



Two stories are being written now-

  1. Development of compressed calendar (themes- dialogue, focus on students, meets college goals to create more FT attendance and increase enrollment)  Ron Travenick is drafting that piece.
  2. Curricunet development (themes- dialogue, faculty involvement, improved approval process)  Deb Parziale is writing this.  It has revolutionized how we do curriculum development and review; will explore folding program review into the curriculum review process annually 



Will be creating 15 learning and assessment teams with leaders taking responsibility for various standards.  Faculty needs to take ownership of Standard 2.


College Council will serve as a steering committee; each of the teams will present to the College Council. 


Fixed flex- Jim suggests one day to be a storytelling festival:


Timeline:  A writing team will begin work at the end of the semester.  During the summer they will put it together.  It will be carried through the shared governance process in fall and submitted to WASC in November 2007; the site visit will take place during the week of March 3rd 2008.


Additional teams-


On December 15 there will be a workshop retreat on Standard 2 from 8:30-3:00 probably at Best House.  People in positions of leadership will be involved.  Senate members encouraged to participate.  If interested in participating, let Susan know.



5.  Senate Agenda Items Kirshner


There is frequently too little time during Senate meetings to discuss faculty issues because of so many external committee reports.


Motion: The first Facutlty Senate meeting of each month is to be reserved for information and action items introduced by senate members only, through the governing council.  Reports and presentations from the greater Ohlone community are to be reserved for the 2nd meeting of month.   (Kirshner)   Second (Loukianoff / Bain)

Motion passed.


6. Prioritization of New Faculty Positions  Myers


Susan met with the deans to discuss the prioritization process for new faculty positions.  The deans had some questions and some felt that the process was cumbersome.  Rob and Barbara Tull had met with the deans when the process was originally developed.


A main concern is that there will be many presentations and that this could take a lot of time; would like to come up with a way for faculty and deans to agree upon need for positions beforehand.  In order to present, division faculty and their dean could meet to prepare/write up rationale to be presented by their dean (number of part time faculty, FTE, etc.) This should be approached as an educational planning process, focusing on what is for the good of the college overall.





Discussion/suggestions –


Susan will return to deans on Nov 29th from 11-12:00.  A retreat will be scheduled in January to go through the prioritization of faculty positions process.



7. Proposed Changes to Disciplines List  Myers




8. President's Report - (I) Myers (5 minutes)



9.  All Other Business


Kay Harrison would like to add to a future agenda a discussion of the practice of signing Memos of Understanding with other countries, foreign institutions, high schools, Alliant University etc.  According to the State Academic Senate, this needs to come to the Faculty Senate through the shared governance process. Senate should be informed if the college is even thinking about signing an MOU with another institution.   A plan should be brought to senate, and the Senate needs to ratify it. 


Kirshner- suggested Kay find specific ed. code for examination and discussion.



Adjourned 5:10


Next meeting December 6th-- last meeting of the semester.



Senators for 2005 - 2006

Building 1 & 5                                                   Bunny Klopping

Building 2 & Hyman Hall                                   Kay Harrison             Committees Chair

Building 4 & SmithCenter                                 vacant

Building 6 & 7                                                   vacant

Building 8                                                          Carolyn Strickler        Rep to CCLC

Building 9 & NOC                                             vacant                      

Counseling and LR&IT                                      Susan Myers              President

Deaf Studies & Special Services                        Nancy Pauliukonis      Secretary

Exercise Science & Wellness                             Lottie Bain                

Fine Arts, Business, & Broadcasting                   vacant

Health Sciences                                                vacant

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (English & ESL)             Barbara Tull               Vice-President

Lang. Arts & Soc. Sci. (other depts.)                 Alan Kirshner

Math, Sci., & Tech. (ASTR, BIOL, BIOT,

CAOT, CHEM, CS, & PHYS)                          George Rodgers

Math, Sci., & Tech. (other depts.)                    Victoria Loukianoff  Treasurer