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Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, December 6


Room 5301




1.  Announcements


2.  Approval of Minutes


3. By-Laws & Constitution Subcommittee Report (I/A) Myers, Kirshner (15 minutes)

The Senate will review proposed changes to the By-Laws and may vote to approve.


4. Accreditation Self Study Team Proposal- (A) Myers (5 minutes)

The Senate may vote to support the proposal "Telling the Ohlone Stories" presented at the November 15 Senate meeting.


5. SLO-A Coordinator and Committee Proposal -  (I) Warden, Wright (15 minute)

Proposal to create new Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Coordinator position and subcommittee of Curriculum Committee


6.  The role of the Senate in relationship to Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) - (I) Harrison (5 minutes)

Please refer to article "MOU and the Marginalization of Faculty" in ASCCC Rostrum, May 2006 at:



7. Prioritization of New Faculty Positions (I/A) Myers (15 minutes)

Continuation of discussion of prioritization of new faculty positions.


8.  Flex Day Activities - (I) Myers (15 minutes)

Discussion of Spring, 2007 Flex activities (Fixed Flex is January 26, 2007)


9. President's Report - (I) Myers (5 minutes)


10.  All Other Business