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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 6


Room 5301




Senate Representatives: Kay Harrison, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, and Barbara Tull.


Others present: Jim Wright, Dennis Keller, Chris Warden, Terry Taskey


1. Announcements


Alan Kirshner requested a change in the agenda, moving item #5 to the first discussion topic (3) after approval of the minutes.


1. On behalf of Sally Bratton
The Ohlone Student Health Center will be administering the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment survey via the web March 1, 2007. It will be sent to 2800 subjects hoping to get 700 responses.  The intent is to collect data regarding Ohlone student health issues compared to students at nine other community colleges.  The results will help the Health Centers plan health promotion programs.  


2. On behalf of Ron Travenick:
The "comments" feature is now available on WebAdvisor.  When searching for classes, students can click on "See Detail" in the "Comments" column and get more information about the class.  The instructor can have comments entered by the Division secretary.
3. On behalf of Ralph Kindred: 
At the November 8, 2006 Board meeting, the Board awarded a contract for mainframe hosting, server based computing service (SBCS) and CSGnet (California State Government Network) Services to California Department of Technology Service (DTS) This will allow our IT Department to work on implementing new  instructional technology for the college, instead of patching up problems with the current server.  It will be more cost-effective than replacing the outdated server. The full document can be viewed at:

Motion: Senate supports the faculty’s desire to make WebAdvisor more user-friendly and useful. (Kirshner)

Second: (Tull)

Motion passed.


Alan requested that this motion be sent to the proper authorities.  Jim Wright indicated that it should go to Ron Travenick.


2. Approval of Minutes

Approved as Written.


3. By-Laws & Constitution Subcommittee Report - Myers, Kirshner


Governing Council



In the second year of a president’s term a president-elect will be nominated. This is good for continuity, but may dissuade people from taking on a 4-year commitment.


Motion: Senate accepts changes to the by-laws regarding the Governing Council with friendly amendments. (Kirshner)

Second: (Tull)

Motion Passed.

Senate Decision and Voting Procedures


Motion: Faculty Senate accepts the changes to the By-Laws as discussed through section 2B. (Kirshner)

Second: (Tull)

Motion passed.


4. Accreditation Self Study Team Proposal- Myers


At the November 15 Senate Meeting, Jim Wright proposed that Ohlone carry out the Accreditation Self Study Project following the model of Ohlone Indian storytellers.


Motion: Senate supports the proposal to carry out the “Telling the Ohlone Stories” self study process following the Ohlone Indian storytelling approach. (Kirshner)

Second: (Loukianoff)

Motion passed.


5. SLO-A Coordinator and Committee Proposal - Warden, Wright

Proposal to create new Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment subcommittee of Curriculum Committee and a SLO-A Coordinator position.


Motion: Faculty Senate supports the creation of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee and the corresponding Coordinator position. (Kirshner)

Second (Harrison)

Motion passed.


6. The role of the Senate regarding Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) - Harrison


Refer to "MOU and the Marginalization of Faculty" in ASCCC Rostrum, May 2006 at:




7. Prioritization of New Faculty Positions Myers


·        Discussion of prioritization of new faculty positions continued.

·        No retreat in January. February is a possibility.

·        Need to work on rewording to make the process clearer; any small changes will be emailed to the deans to see if they have comments.

·        Moved to first agenda in spring


8. Flex Day Activities - Myers


Tentative Schedule for Spring, 2007 Flex activities (Fixed Flex is January 26, 2007) distributed.


Discussion Tabled.


9. President's Report - Myers


Uses include:

1. Program improvement- distributed through deans and linked to needs

identified in program reviews; programs that have finished program review

can update and include newly identified needs

2. Capital needs to improve classroom space; one custodian at Newark

3. Professional development

4. International Education


10. All Other Business


Adjourned 5: 25