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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301


Senate Representatives:  Lottie Bain, Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis


Others present:  Chris Warden, Ron Smedfjeld, Wayne Yuen,  Ralph Kindred, Paula Schoenecker, Jim Wright, Doug Treadway


1.  Announcements



2.  Approval of Minutes


Motion: Senate Secretary to send a link to the Senate minutes posted on the Faculty Senate website to all faculty via the faculty listserves.  (Loukianoff)

Second:  (Myers)

Motion Passed.



Motion: Add to the agenda as an emergency action item the creation of a new Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator position (Klopping)

Second: (Bain)

Motion Passed.


New Agenda Item:  Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Coordinator position



Motion:  Approve creation of an SLO Coordinator position; release time to be distributed in this way:  Curriculum Committee Chair-  50%, Senate President- 50%, and SLO Coordinator- 25% (Klopping)

Second:  (Loukianoff)

Motion Passed unanimously.



3. By-Laws Subcommittee Report Myers, Kirshner

(Review discussion of By-laws per December 6 discussion & vote.)


-         some faculty members feel they were not adequately informed about what
      they were voting on--not enough information about the implications

-         misprint on some ballots

·        Constitution issue:  there have been concerns in the past that, because there are more adjunct than full time faculty at Ohlone, the adjunct vote could override the full time faculty vote-- in a vote concerning an important issue


Motion: As an emergency action, the Senate will extend the vote on the constitutional revision for a period of 2 weeks;  will communicate the changes with pros, cons, and implications by distributing a flyer to all faculty mailboxes and via the faculty listserve,  Friendly Amendment:  reserving the option of redoing the vote in the event there is dissent over how the voting was carried out; Susan Myers will have the option to cancel the vote and destroy the ballets. (Kirshner) 

Second:  (Bain)

Aye: 5

Nay: 1

Motion Passed.


Discussion of the By-laws tabled.


4. Prioritization of New Faculty Positions  Myers

(Discussion of prioritization of new faculty positions & vote)




5. Accreditation Self Study -  Myers



-         One extra meeting a month focusing on self study

-         ½  hour set aside to discuss it at each meeting


Discussion of Senate involvement in Accreditation Self-Study Tabled.


6. Administrative reorganization -  Myers, Dr. Treadway


-         the position must be management (rather than faculty), because one must be
       a manager if he/she is to oversee and manage faculty

-         the person would work in this position for a specified period of time

-         under present circumstances, the college is not in a position to create a dean
       position for the library

·        A job description for a new dean of technology and interdisciplinary studies will be forthcoming


Add as an action item to the next Senate meeting agenda –Create wording for the Senate’s position regarding the reorganization;  email this to constituents with a link to the College Council website.


7. Faculty assignments on committees

(Review list of faculty on committees and discuss Senate's Committee on Committees)





8. President's Report - Myers



Adjourned:  5:25