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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Feb 21, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301



Senate Representatives:  Susan Myers, Victoria Loukianoff, Nancy Pauliukonis, Bunny Klopping, George Rodgers, Alan Kirshner


Others Present:  Chris Warden, Richard Grotegut, Terri Taskey, Jim Wright, Gary Mishra


1.  Announcements


·        The Graduation Committee is still accepting nominations for outstanding
alumni.  These are due by Friday, February 23.  The Senate will choose the
outstanding alumnus to be honored at commencement from among the nominees.
·        Sally Bratton asks that we announce the NCHA survey to faculty and students;
the survey will be going out to students electronically on March first.
·        The State Senate (ASCCC) is still accepting nominations for faculty to serve
            on the Board of Governors.  These are due February 26.
·        Former Ohlone faculty member Bart Stillman passed away recently.  Nancy Pauliukonis will mail a card to Pat Stillman on behalf of the faculty.



2.  Approval of Minutes


            Approved with corrections.


3. Accreditation Self Study - Myers, Warden


Standard II deals with instructional programs.  The Standards are statements of what the institution should be accomplishing; the Self-Study looks at how well the institution is doing is performing with respect to each standard. Susan Myers and Chris Warden will serve as co-chairs for Standard II. 


Faculty Senate will be responsible for addressing all of Standard IIA. 6 and 7.  To accomplish this, items 6 and 7 will be broken down and worked on during upcoming Senate meetings. 


We need to consider how to go about gathering and sharing information as it applies to the Standard.  This can be done via a wiki to engage all members.  Other methods may include focus groups, open forums, surveys, and the like.  Senators will play an important role in gathering information and ideas from constituents.  Standard II A items 6 and 7 have been placed on Google docs.  This will serve as a collection point for important evidence and discussion, and will make it possible to track comments made by contributors.


The response to Standard II will be completed using templates.  Over the summer a writing team will compose the self-study report, which will be presented to College Council in the fall.  The site visit will take place in the spring of 2008. 


Senate will begin addressing Standard IIA6 and 6a at the next meeting on March 7.  Ideas can be brought to this meeting to be discussed and revised.



4. Prioritization of New Faculty Positions -Myers


A process for prioritization of new faculty positions was approved by the Senate in the past; however, some details have required clarification.  Jim Wright suggested that we look at this as a way to determine the needs of the entire institution; although there will be competing needs, it will allow us to come to a consensus. The process should help everyone involved understand the needs of the institution as a whole, and on an on-going basis.


Discussion and revision of the prioritization plan:






Motion:   Susan Myers is given the authority to distribute the document outlining the new faculty positions prioritization process to the deans with the changes we discussed and approved today.  (Kirshner)

Second:  (Rodgers)

Motion passed.



5. Administrative reorganization - Myers


The Board voted to approve the proposed Administrative reorganization based on consultation with Faculty Senate.





Motion:  Faculty Senate recommends that the Educational Technologist faculty position be placed under the Academic Affairs Vice President. (Rodgers)

Second:  (Klopping)

Motion Passed Unanimously.



6. Prioritization of Senate activities –Myers


Senators reviewed proposed Senate agenda items and set priorities.  Items having highest priority include the Accreditation Self-Study and Prioritization of New Faculty Positions.


To accomplish the exhaustive list of agenda items, two additional Senate meetings will be added:  April 11 and May 9.




7. Presentation on “W”s –David Yamashita, student


            Presentation cancelled.


8. President's Report - Myers


A Senate blog has been established to host discussion about the constitution changes. 


Motion: As an emergency action item, Susan Myers is given authority to re-distribute the Faculty Senate constitution with accompanying statements explaining the impact of the changes to the constitution for a faculty vote. (Klopping)

Second: (Kirshner)

Motion Passed.



Adjourned:  5:35