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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301



Senate Representatives:  Alan Kirshner, Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, Barbara Tull, Carolyn Strickler, George Rodgers


Others present:  Deb Parziale, Ralph Kindred Jim Wright


  1. Announcements


·     Dennis Driver has been assigned the role of technology person for Classrooms 1406 and 1402; he will provide support and training to faculty and staff.


  1. Approval of Minutes


           Approved as written.


  1. Accreditation Self Study Workshop - Myers


Discussion of Standards II.A.6 and II.A.6.a. - recording of statements that indicate what we should be striving for when operating at an optimum level.




The dates for the two additional Senate meetings have been changed due to conflicts by some Senate representatives.  The new dates for these meetings are April 25 and May 9th.


  1. Administrative reorganization – Myers


SusanMyers met with Dr. Treadway and delivered Senate’s recommendation that the Educational Technologist position be placed under instruction.  They also discussed the 50/50 faculty/management positions (Title III, Athletic Director, and Librarian); they are not faculty positions and cannot be because of union issues. 


These positions must be management positions; they will be on a management, not faculty, pay scale.  Faculty are concerned that positions such as these must remain faculty positions; departments should not lose a faculty position as a consequence of a faculty member accepting a 50/50 position.


Motion:  When a faculty member is moved into a partial or full managerial position,  that position should remain in the department and be restored when money becomes available to fill that position with a full time faculty member. (Kirshner)


Second:  (Rodgers)

Motion passed.



  1. Outstanding alum subcommittee –Myers


Faculty Senate has received 2 nominations for outstanding alumnus.


A subcommittee will meet to choose the outstanding alumnus from the nominated candidates.



  1. Review of changes to Senate By-Laws  - Myers


Discussion of proposed changes to Senate By-Laws and vote tabled.


  1. President's Report - Myers


The Board turned down a land exchange deal that would pave the way for putting athletic fields on the Ohlone Newark campus.  Students will attend the next board meeting to voice concerns about the poor condition of the athletic fields and ask how the board plans to address the need for renovation.


Dan Archer has announced his retirement and the Board will appoint a replacement.


The Deans are satisfied with the new faculty prioritization process although there was some concern that their votes could be outweighed by the votes of the Senators.  Senate will work with Jim Wright to make electronic submissions possible.


Kay Harrison and Bob Bradshaw have begun work on the retirement party.  Senators suggested asking faculty for a small donation and contacting SOAR to see if some SOAR funds might be used to help fund the party.  Those retiring would attend as non-paying guests.



Adjourned:  5:25