A World of Cultures United in Learning




Faculty Senate Meeting

April 4, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301


Senate Representatives: †Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis.††


Others Present:† Terry Taskey


  1. Announcements


††††††††††† No Announcements.


  1. Approval of Minutes


Approved with corrections.


  1. Accreditation Self Study Workshop - Myers


Senate discussed Standard II.A.6.c. which focuses on how Ohlone represents itself to students, the public, and its personnel through printed materials, procedures, and electronic communication.† Ideas were recorded on a template created in googledocs.† Faculty members are invited to add additional points and ideas.† The sign in procedure is simple.


Faculty can go to http://docs.google.com and create a new google account.† They will be taken directly to the accreditation standards templates.† Any additional ideas and suggestions may be added and are welcome.


  1. Summer Schedule 2008 - Myers


A conflict has been discovered with regard to Ohloneís approved 2008 summer calendar.  Ohloneís summer session is scheduled to begin June 16, before the Fremont Unified schools close.  June 18 is Fremont Unifiedís last day of instruction.  A proposed calendar change has the Ohlone summer session beginning one week later on June 23rd, after Fremont Unifiedís June 18 ending date. 


Senators should share this information with their constituents for feedback.† A vote will take place at a future meeting.



  1. Review of changes to Senate By-Laws - Myers


Tabled; (lacked quorum).


  1. Faculty Commemoration Plaque - Myers


The current faculty commemorative plaque has some condition problems and has room for only 8 more plates before it will be full.† It was suggested that we consider removing the large plates that are now mounted on the plaque and replace them with smaller plates, allowing space for more names.† The cost of each plate is $8 to $10.†


Another suggestion is to purchase a new, larger plaque and mount smaller plates that would be engraved with the faculty memberís name and dates of service rather than the date of death.††



  1. President's Report - Myers


a.† Constitution Vote.† Two hundred faculty members were eligible to vote; 82 votes were cast, 69 full time and 13 part time.† The election lacked a majority of voting faculty, so the proposed constitutional changes did not pass.


b.† The changes to disciplines list will be voted on at the State Senate during the April 29, 30, 31 session.† Susan Myers emailed the changes to the entire campus requesting feedback.† The ASL/Interpreting changes have been withdrawn.† Susan will email Mark Lieu to make sure they have been removed from the ballot.† Faculty should forward any other feedback to Susan.†


c.† Ron Staszkow, retiring faculty member, has been asked to lead the faculty at graduation.


d.† Ohlone College received a request from pick-a-prof.com to provide data regarding faculty grading practices.† The website publishes grade distributions for specific faculty and faculty reviews.† According to Ohloneís legal council, this data is a matter of public record; it must be and has been provided.† Other institutions have tried to fight this legally and have lost.

e.† To date, no proposals for new faculty positions have been received.† The prioritization process will be carried out on April 25.† Proposals are due Friday, April 13.†


f.† The College Council is functioning as the steering committee for the accreditation self-study.† †Some rough drafts have already been written.


g.† There will be no Board meeting over spring break


h.† The Board will hold an extra meeting on April 18th at 6:30 to serve as a† public information meeting focusing on the vacant Board position.† Six people have submitted their names for consideration for Dan Archerís seat




  1. All Other Business



a.† Faulty Senate Retirement Party.† Bob Bradshaw has asked for money from the Foundation; Dr. Treadway approved $2000 for the event.† Tickets will be $15.


b.† Should SLOs be posted in course syllabi?† This topic may be added to an upcoming agenda.† †



Adjourned:† 5:05