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Faculty Senate Meeting

April 18, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301


Senate Representatives: Bunny Klopping, Victoria Loukianoff, Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, George Rodgers


Others present: Jim Wright, Lilly Xu


1.      Announcements


In recognition of Earth Day, a campus-wide clean up will take place on Friday, April 20th. Faculty are encouraged to get involved.


2.   Approval of Minutes


Approved as written.


3.   Accreditation Self Study Workshop - Myers


Discussion centered on Standards II.A.7 and 7.a. which address Academic Freedom. Discussion focused on learning conditions in the classroom and in college-wide presentations such as the World Forums. Faculty responses were recorded in the Standard templates on Googledocs and will be incorporated into the written accreditation report.


4.   Program Discontinuance Policy - Myers


Adjustments were made to the Program Discontinuance Policy:

§         Added UFO President to the Task Force

§         Added the step to notify UFO in the event a program is being considered for

§         discontinuance

§         Updated the Vice President of Instruction’s title to Vice President of Academic Affairs.


5.   Proposed revisions to Faculty Handbook, section II.C. Myers


Relevant to Standard II.A.6, the Ohlone College Faculty Handbook (section II.C), discussed guidelines regarding the course syllabus in the Ohlone Faculty Handbook. Suggested changes to the handbook:

§         require faculty to distribute the course syllabus to students via paper or electronic format

§         suggest that faculty include course Student Learning Outcomes in their syllabi


6.   Summer Schedule 2008 - Myers


Ohlone’s academic calendar for 2007-2008 shows Ohlone’s summer school session beginning on June 16 and ending on July 24. This overlaps the Fremont School district calendar by one week.


Motion: To avoid a scheduling conflict with the public high schools, the Ohlone College summer session 2008 shall run from June 23, 2008 to July 31, 2008. (Klopping)

Second: Rodgers

Motion passed.


Susan was given feedback to consider the idea of starting the Spring ‘08 semester, one week later, with Finals starting on Tuesday, after Memorial Day weekend. This would allow a little more time for “intercession” classes (we may need it for growth next year) if we choose to support this concept for the ‘07/’08 academic year. Since we are also moving the summer schedule back one week to avoid conflict with the FUSD schedule, this would still maintain the same number of days between Spring and Summer, for maintenance, lab upgrades, student registration, and other considerations. This idea was introduced but the senate did not support it.


7.   Review of changes to Senate By-Laws Myers


Because changes to the Constitution were not approved by the faculty in the recent ratification vote, discussed deleting items that would have been moved from the constitution to the by-laws (Section 3. B.1.c-f , 2.c, and 4.a.& b.) Susan will remove these items and send out a revised version of the by-laws.


Senators discussed the alternate representative structure in which faculty are represented according to Division. Senators like the structure, although this may mean faculty in different divisions may have the same Senate representative.


8.   President's Report - Myers


Board meeting- the Board of Trustees will be interviewing candidates to fill the seat

vacated by the retirement of Dan Archer.