A World of Cultures United in Learning




Faculty Senate Meeting

May 2, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301


  1. Announcements


  1. Approval of Minutes


  1. Accreditation Self Study Workshop - (I) Myers (40 minutes)

Discussion of Standards II.A.7b.


  1. Review of changes to Senate By-Laws (A) Myers (5 minutes)

Final review of revisions to Senate By-Laws and vote.


  1. Proposed revisions to Faculty Handbook, section II.C. (A) Myers (5 minutes)

Review of revisions and vote.


  1. Program Discontinuance Procedures - (A) Myers (5 minutes)

Action item related to Standard II.A.6.c. Review of proposed Administrative Procedures and vote.


  1. News Media Policy (I) Myers (5 minutes)

Introduction of new News Media Policy.


  1. Treasurer's report (I) Loukianoff (20 minutes)


  1. President's Report - (I) Myers (10 minutes)


  1. All Other Business