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Faculty Senate Meeting

May 2, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 5301



Representatives Present: Bunny Klopping, Susan Myers, Victoria Loukianoff, Nancy Pauliukonis, Barbara Tull.


Others present: Carol McNamee-Cole


1.      Announcements


A survey has been prepared by the California Student Aid Commission to assess the actual costs associated with obtaining a postsecondary education in California. Faculty is asked to distribute the survey to students who may complete the survey voluntarily or decline to do so. The surveys should be returned to Susan Myers by May 15.


The Faculty Leadership Institute will be held June 14-16 at Hayes Mansion Hotel in San Jose. Susan Myers cannot attend, and asked to be notified if another Senator can attend. Registration for the institute is due by May 21, 2007.


2.      Approval of Minutes


Changes will be made to the April 18 minutes, after which they will be emailed to the Senators for approval.


3.      Accreditation Self Study Workshop - Myers


Senate will continue to focus on the standards for the next two meetings. Susan Myers and Nancy Pauliukonis are writing the rough draft which will be submitted to Jim Wright by the end of May. During the summer, the Accreditation Report will be edited and formatted.


Discussion focused on Standards II.A.7b.—


§         The academic dishonesty policy and consequences are posted on the web (Office of Instruction website); however, they are difficult to locate in the catalog and course schedule; while the policy appears to be adequate, it needs to be more transparent for students, and easier to locate.

§         Need to define, “…mistake, bad faith, fraud, or incompetence.”

§         Policy is published in the Faculty Handbook as well. Recommended that faculty publish the academic honesty policy and consequences in their course syllabi; consequences appear somewhat up to instructor discretion


4.      Review of changes to Senate By-Laws Myers


Final review of revisions to Senate By-Laws.


Motion: The Faculty Senate governing council approves the Senate by-laws with changes. ( Pauliukonis)

Second: Loukianoff

Motion passed.



5.      Proposed revisions to Faculty Handbook, section II.C. Myers


§         The Ohlone College Faculty Handbook (section II.C) instructs faculty to distribute a syllabus to students at the first class meeting. It includes a suggested format for syllabi in Appendix A.

§         There was some concern that faculty have been asked to include so much in their syllabi, that syllabi are becoming quite lengthy; suggested wording to encourage faculty to include (college policy information) wherever possible.

§         Some faculty prefer not to distribute their syllabi at the first class meeting; suggested changing the wording to “… must distribute at the beginning of the term” and, if possible, post on websites to allow students electronic access.


6.      Program Discontinuance Procedures - Myers


Carole McNamee-Cole spoke from the prospective of the Health Sciences vocational program regarding the need to protect faculty and programs that may still be viable and asked that language be more specific.

Her concerns:

·        issue concerning declining enrollment- the policy should differentiate between programs with declining enrollment and programs that admit students only once per year and therefore may show normal fluctuations in enrollment. Should bear in mind that some programs are cyclical due to changes in the job industry

·        issue concerning whose responsibility it is to revitalize a program- Suggested that the College bears some responsibility to help build enrollment and should not leave the responsibility solely on the faculty member



·        add language regarding steps that the College should take to infuse a program with life

·        add suggestions for what faculty can do; program revitalization should be a shared responsibility

·        the College and faculty should make use of experts who can project future needs and assess feasibility of a unique program

·        add the curriculum committee chair to the task force- the committee chair may have approved the program in the first place and may have gone through program review with them.


Barbara Tull will work on a revision of the Program Discontinuance Policy, focusing on items 2 and 5.


7.      News Media Policy –Myers


A new News Media Policy was drafted by the TV and radio stations and the Monitor newspaper to outline the college position on the media.


The Board is interested in having some input regarding what is broadcast and/or published. The TV and radio stations and the Monitor newspaper are instructional programs governed by Ed. code, and it is ultimately the involved faculty who decide what is aired/published; standards of academic freedom apply. It is not an issue to be governed by the Board.


8.      Treasurer's report –Loukianoff


Victoria will check to see if Faculty Senate dues can be deducted from paychecks monthly.


Faculty IDs- Susan suggested that we talk to Debbie Trigg to see if Senate can donate $300 to ASOC to pay for 150 FT faculty IDs. Each faculty member would then pay the difference of $3 and receive a Faculty ID.


The loan from the President’s office to cover last year’s retirement party at the Best House was repaid from funds that included faculty dues collection and a donation from the Foundation. The current balance of funds in the Credit Union is $366.18.


9.      President's Report - (I) Myers (10 minutes)


1. Susan attended the Faculty Senate Plenary Session April 19, 20 and 21. Mark Lieu has been elected President of State Academic Senate.


2. Changes are being made to language in Title V. Some language regarding repeatability of courses will change: allowing students to repeat 3 times; after 3 Ws in same class, a student must receive a grade; credit/no credit terminology will be changed to pass/no pass, to eliminate confusion about non-credit classes or audited classes. There is still time to have input on these language changes.


3. The Board of Governors passed a motion to institute a uniform assessment for all community colleges. The State Senate will be looking at that to understand the implications.


4. The Ohlone Board of Trustees selected a new Trustee, Trisha Tahmasbi.


5. The Media policy and procedure will be going back to the Board.


6. There is concern that there will be a shortfall in the budget resulting in a hiring freeze affecting management and staff positions.


7. There are two openings on College Council- Dennis Keller and Stephanie Ramos have asked to fill those roles.


8. Construction:

·        To minimize the impact of construction on instruction, the math lab will be moved into the open lab area in Hyman Hall and an attempt will be made to find suitable alternate space for classes that are currently being held in buildings 6 and/or 8.

·        Jackhammering will take place before summer session begins; summer school will be affected by the noise of earth movers; in the fall, workers will pour concrete and put in steel

·        Workers will hold off during finals week; it will be a quiet week




10.  All Other Business


There is significant concern about the parking during construction of the new student services building. One concern is that students may be misusing temporary permits.

This is a UFO issue.