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Faculty Senate Minutes

August 24, 2007

Learning College Week

Room 3201



  1. Announcements

·         A Silent Auction will be held in conjunction with the Gold Tournament, benefiting Athletics. Looking for donations of items suitable for the silent auction. Contact Donna Runyon.

·         Looking for faculty to volunteer as Learning Coaches to work with 2-3 other faculty for the fall semester. (Parziale)

·         Faculty are invited to submit a proposal for an Innovation Project; $500 stipends are available for successfully completed projects. (Parziale)

·         Request from faculty who are using PodCasts-- Looking for a Learning Module that could be posted on the Ohlone Website. (Parziale)

·         The Newark facility has established a “College Hour” from 12 – 1:00 daily. The Fremont campus has set aside 11-1:00 on Tuesday and Friday in Room 1407, the Innovative Technology Center, as a “College Hour.” (Parziale)

·         The Transfer Center is open daily. Transfer Day is September 18; approximately 40 colleges and universities will be represented. Please encourage students to attend.

·         T-shirt Tuesdays- Faculty are encouraged to wear the shirt of and share information about their alma mater.


  1. Faculty Senate Dues


Annual dues are $20, payable by check to Victoria Loukianoff.


  1. Faculty Senate: Purpose and Role


The Senate

·         participates in shared governance

·         makes recommendations to the administration and/or Board of Trustees on matters of educational and professional significance

·         is the official voice of the faculty in terms of academic matters including curricula, degree and certificate requirements, grading policies, processes such as program review, faculty roles in accreditation, and policies for faculty professional development activities

·         manages standing committees, e.g. the Curriculum Committee, Equivalency Committee, Sabbatical Committee, Committee on Committees. The Curriculum Committee has several subcommittees included the Cultural Diversity Committee, General Ed, Distance Learning, Student Learning Outcomes, and Information Competency Committees.

·         is under the umbrella of the State Academic Senate (ASCCC). Professional development opportunities offered by the ASCCC include a Curriculum Institute, Vocational Education Leadership Institute, Accreditation Institute, and Teaching Institute.


  1. 2007-2008 Senate Activities


·         Accreditation

·         Presidential Search/ Campus Leadership

·         Fremont Campus Planning

·         Calendar Approval

·         Prioritization of new 2008-2009 faculty positions

·         Input regarding the faculty evaluation process

·         Creation of a “Campus Safety” resolution

·         Condensed calendar evaluation

·         Review of campus committee membership

·         Annual publication of faculty works

·         Administrative procedures regarding Program Discontinuance


  1. Faculty Senate Representation


The governing council consists of 15 members, each with a two-year term. Each Senator represents a portion of the 150-member faculty.


Current vacancies:

·         Health Science/Athletics/PE

·         English and ESL

·         Fine Arts

·         Computer Science, Engineering, and Educational Technology

·         At-large


The Role of the Senator


·         Identify faculty constituency

·         inform constituents of Senate issues

·         Solicit input from constituents

·         bring issues of constituency to the Senate

·         attend twice-monthly Senate meetings


  1. Faculty Senate Meetings


·         The Senate meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:30 to 5:00.

·         All meetings are open to all faculty.

·         Faculty members are encouraged to tell their Senate representatives what they would like to see happen.


  1. Senate Resources


·         A list of Senators and their constituencies can be found on the Faculty Senate Website.

·         Copies of the Senate Rostrum (State Academic Senate publication)

·         Published papers