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Faculty Senate Minutes

September 5, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 1307


Senate Representatives Present: Susan Myers, Barbara Tull, Nancy Pauliukonis, Sharon Briggs, Terri Taskey, Victoria Loukianoff, Yvette Niccols, Alan Kirshner, Wayne Yuen, JoRainie Rodgers, Lottie Bain, Lily Xu, Gary Mishra


Others Present: Jim McManus (representing Fine Arts until a Senator is selected) and Robin Kurotori


  1. Announcements

No announcements.


  1. Approval of Minutes


May 16 Minutes approved as written.

August 24 Minutes approved with corrections.


  1. Welcome new Senators and Election of Officers - Myers


New Senators for 2007-2007:


Terry Taskey (Counseling and Library)

Yvette Niccolls (Natural Science)

Gary Mishra (Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Educational Technology)

Wayne Yuen (Humanities, Speech, and Education)

Jo Rainie Rodgers (Part Time)

Lily Xu (at-large)

Sharon Briggs (Health Sciences, Athletics, and PE)


Continuing Senators:


Lottie Bain (Health Sciences, Athletics, and PE)

Barbara Tull (English and ESL)

Susan Myers ((Counseling and Library)

Victoria Loukianoff (Math)

Alan Kirshner (Social Science)

Nancy Pauliukonis (Deaf Studies, ASL, and INT)



Two vacancies remain:


English & ESL

Fine Arts (temporarily being represented by Jim McManus)


Senate officer positions are filled with the exception of the Vice President/President Elect. Susan is looking for someone to fill this position, preferably an experience Senator.


  1. 2008-09 academic calendar - Myers


Discussion surrounded the scheduling of graduation in May of 2009. Graduation is currently on the calendar as Thursday, May 22, 2009. To avoid holding graduation before final exams end, it was suggested that final exams be scheduled Friday, May 15 to Thursday, May 21. To compensate for the loss of May 15 as an instruction day, it was suggested that Friday, February 13 (Presidents Weekend Holiday) become an instruction day.


This brings the issue of classified staff losing February 13 as a paid holiday. It was suggested that classified might receive Friday, May 22 as a paid holiday, making Memorial Day weekend a 4-, rather than 3-day weekend.


Susan will discuss this idea with the classified representatives. If there is any objection to this suggested change by the classified staff, Senate will drop the idea and not bring it to the faculty.


  1. Accreditation Self Study - Myers


The Senate’s role in the accreditation self study process was discussed. There were times in the past when the document was largely composed by administrators and included little faculty input. Susan stressed the importance of faculty involvement in the self study process and the writing of the self study report.


The drafts of each Standard will be posted online for review after September 7.


Senators will each review a portion of the report and forward feedback to the corresponding Co-chairs:


Standard I

Mission & Effectiveness

Jo Rodgers

Standard IIA 1-4

Instructional Programs

Nancy Pauliukonis

Standard IIA 5-8

Instructional Programs

Wayne Yuen

Standard IIB

Student Support Services

Terry Taskey

Standard II C

Library & Support Services

Alan Kirshner

Standard IIIA

Human Resources

Yvette Niccolls

Standard IIIB

Physical Resources

Lottie Bain

Standard IIIC

Technology Resources

Lily Xu

Standard IIID

Financial Resources

Victoria Loukianoff

Standard IV

Leadership & Governance

Barbara Tull


Distance Learning

Jim McManus


Newark Center

Sharon Briggs



Final approval by the Senate will take place at the November 7 Senate meeting.


  1. Faculty Senate Dues - Myers, Loukianoff


Annual dues of $20 are payable by check to Faculty Senate and should be

delivered to Victoria Loukianoff, Treasurer. Senators should

encourage their constituents to pay their dues promptly.


Senate dues are used for:

·         faculty retirement celebration at the end of each year

·         cards and flowers when there is illness or death

·         plaque honoring deceased faculty


The Senate received an anonymous $300 gift last year to help the Senate fund better faculty ID cards. Last year a Senator purchased his own picture ID cards at the student ID window and it cost $5. Victoria will check with ASOC to ask if they will accept the $300 donation as sufficient payment to allow 150 faculty to get ID cards.


  1. Shared Governance committees - Myers


Since the Task Forces were formed four years ago, there have been many questions and concerns about the committee structure. Now that the Task Forces are no longer functioning, the committee structure is in a state of confusion. Faculty are confused about their committee assignments, and committees are being formed outside of Senate’s jurisdiction. Unofficial committees should not be making policy according to ed. code, and it is the Senate’s role to assign faculty to committees.


The Senate needs a Committee on Committees to sort this out-- to find out what committees are operating, who is on them, whose terms are continuing or expiring, make- up of the membership, and description of duties/role. Susan Myers, and Barbara Tull will work on this.



  1. President's Report - Myers



The Senate should be aware that Dr. Treadway announced his retirement effective June 30, 2008. The college will need to conduct a presidential search. Given that the college is currently undergoing several major projects, including opening the Newark Center, the Student Services building, the frontage development, and the accreditation visit, it will be very difficult for the campus community to take on this major endeavor.


Faculty should also be thinking about what type of leadership we will need to take the college forward. In order not to lose momentum on some of the important projects that are currently underway and to give the campus community time to complete some major tasks at hand, the Senate will draft a resolution supporting the idea that Dr. Treadway be invited to stay at Ohlone as an interim president for a period of time. Senator Kirshner offered to draft an initial resolution. The Senate will vote on this at a future meeting.


The Board of Trustees recently voted to accept bids from developers for the frontage development. A Senator asked whether faculty were ever surveyed to determine whether they supported the frontage development or not. No Senator could recall that such a survey had ever been conducted. Some felt that such a survey could reveal some important information. The Senate will decide how to move forward at a future meeting.