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Faculty Senate Minutes

September 19, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 1307


Senate Representatives Present: Susan Myers, Nancy Pauliukonis, Sharon Briggs, Terry Taskey, Victoria Loukianoff, Yvette Niccols, Alan Kirshner, Wayne Yuen, JoRainie Rodgers, Lottie Bain, Lily Xu, Gary Mishra, Jim McManus


Others Present: Dennis Keller, Deb Parziale, Rob Smedfjeld, Gale Carli, Mike Bowman, Jim Wright


  1. Announcements


ASCCC offers several professional development opportunities. Those who have attended in the past have found them to be very practical and helpful. The institutes tend to fill quickly; in fact, last year all of the institutes filled and many had waiting lists.


The professional development institutes offered by the ASCCC include a Faculty Leadership Institute, Counseling Faculty Institute, Curriculum Institute, Vocational Education Leadership Institute, Accreditation Institute, and Teaching Institute.


The Faculty Leadership Institute is recommended for anyone who is entertaining becoming Faculty Senate President next year; it is designed for incoming Presidents and Senate Leaders. Mark Lieu will lead the institute this year.


Senators are encouraged to attend. Staff Development has up to $500 per person available.


  1. Approval of Minutes


Approved as corrected.


  1. Shared Governance and Faculty –Keller, Myers


Discussion of the roles of the Faculty Senate and of the College Council as shared governance bodies.



The Board recently sent out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for frontage property development. The point had been raised at a previous Senate meeting that it’s important that faculty have input.


Susan Myers summarized the history of how the proposed development of the frontage property came about, some facts predating Susan’s tenure as Faculty Senate President. The college had a list of unmet capital needs on campus. The bond initially included enough money to cover many of the costs, but increased building costs have depleted those funds. The state provides money to operate based on enrollment; but does not provide money for repairs. The College was asked to devise a plan to meet these needs; one idea was to surplus the property in the frontage area that cannot be used for classrooms (2005).


During the presidential search one of the charges was to come up with a plan to meet unmet capital needs. Dr. Treadway initiated the college forum which resulted in identifying college goals and development of the strategic plan; surplusing the property is part of that strategic plan. Since then, extensive discussions have taken place through shared governance about the strategic plan.


Question: Why wasn’t the Senate asked for input regarding surplusing the frontage property?

There was no survey of faculty; however, during the president’s remarks on flex day, requests were made for college input. At least four forums the president brought in maps and explained the idea; there were numerous College Council meetings at which the frontage property was a discussion item throughout the year. The topic was a discussion item on the agenda of at least one Faculty Senate meeting. Senate has an academic focus; business items are not our focus. The Senate does not have to be consulted regarding asset management; its focus is academic policy and procedures.


Dennis Keller conceded that perhaps College Council (CC) needs to be better at reporting to the college community. CC members need to identify their constituencies. It was suggested that we should follow through with the current plan.


Alan Kirshner stated that some faculty are concerned and want to know more about it.


Motion: Survey faculty on some areas related to frontage development. (Kirshner)

Second: (Loukianoff)

Yes- 9

No- 3 (Myers, Pauliukonis, Rodgers)


Motion passed.


Further discussion centered on concern about the ramifications of surveying faculty at this point in the process and on differences in interpretation of what questions a survey may include.


  1. Campus Leadership – Myers


The Senate discussed faculty recommendations for campus leadership in 2008-2009.


About 30 presidential positions are now vacant throughout the state. Some positions are currently being filled by interim presidents. If Ohlone was to hire a new president to begin July 1, a search would need to begin now. With the great statewide shortage, there would be high competition for the best candidates.


When Dr. Treadway was selected, the college used a search firm. There are different types, and selecting the right one can set the tone for the search. The search firm would look at the job description, seek campus input, and put together a search committee. If the faculty is interested in being a part of the search process, we should let the Board know now.


Some are concerned because a presidential search requires many resources, and right now we have crucial projects in the making; without continuity of leadership, many projects could lose ground.


Several options were discussed:

·      Begin a presidential search--Senate to make recommendations for a new

·      Ask the Board to extend Dr. Treadway’s contract

·      Ask the Board to maintain continuity of leadership, asking that Dr. Treadway
or a current vice president serve as interim president


It was suggested that the faculty be polled; a Senate resolution should not be drafted that doesn’t represent all faculty. Senators will survey constituents and get recommendation; Senate will make some form of recommendation to the board.



  1. 2008-09 academic calendar Myers


Follow up to last Senate meeting: February 13 cannot become an instruction day (mandated by ed code). Senate must consider two new options.


The two options differ with respect to the beginning of the fall semester. Option 1 has the fall semester beginning the day after Labor Day. Option 2 has the fall semester beginning the last week of August.


Motion: It was moved that we accept option 1. (Kirshner)

Second: Tabled until we get input from constituents.

  1. Accreditation Self Study --Myers


The Senate began its formal review of the Accreditation Self Study draft. The Self Study must be approved by the Board on November 14, so approval by Senate must be completed on November 7. Any concerns or changes will be sent to the co-chairs so they have time to make changes well in advance. Senators should encourage constituents to read the document and give input.


The standards were summarized by each of the readers and feedback given.



Standard 1 Institutional Mission & Effectiveness (Jo Rodgers)


Distance Learning Assessment (Jim McManus)


Newark Center Report (Sharon Briggs)



Wednesday, October 24- Instead of a session to review the self study, we will have a session to “feature” it and celebrate the accomplishment.


  1. Shared Governance committees-- Myers


Senate would like to get an accurate inventory of which faculty members are on which committees. The first step is to agree on what committees exist. A document that president’s office created is a starting point.


Changes to that document include:

·         Addition of the SLO committee under the curriculum committee

·         New Academic Technology Committee formed from two other committees (Instructional Technology Committee and Administrative Technology Committee)


Susan will take the list to college council. After the list is approved, Senate will survey constituents regarding their committee assignments.



  1. President's Report - Myers


Deans will join Senate to discuss new faculty position recommendations; we need to finalize the process for 2008-09. Susan will invite those who presented last spring to do a brief overview.


It was suggested that we schedule special Senate meeting (October 10th?) to allow enough time for this process. Susan will contact the deans.