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Faculty Senate and Dean’s Meeting

October 10, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 1406



Special Meeting – “Planning for Academic Year 2008-2009”


At this second meeting, the Faculty Senate and the Deans will have another opportunity to hear from the presenters, to examine our "priorities", and to finalize what recommendations will be made to the president in planning for 2008-2009.


  1. Presentations of New Faculty Positions


Each faculty who submitted a proposal for a new faculty position will be allowed to make a brief presentation of 5-7 minutes. There are seven proposals that have been proposed:


Anatomy and Physiology



Costume Technology

DSPS (Deaf) Counselor


Learning Disabilities Specialist


The proposals for these positions can be viewed on the Faculty Senate Website at:




  1. Ranking of Positions


As part of the planning process, the Faculty Senate and Deans will want to refer to the Educational Master Plan, which can be found at:




Considering campus goals and objectives, the Faculty Senate and the Deans will rank the proposed positions in order of “priority”.