A World of Cultures United in Learning




Faculty Senate Meeting

November 7, 2007

3:30-5:00 pm

Room 1307

(Video Conference Room)


  1. Announcements


  1. Approval of Minutes


  1. Proposal for new department ESST Department of Environmental Studies, Science, and Technology (I/A)- Narinder Bansal (10 minutes)

This new department will manage the new Environmental Studies Associate Degree



  1. Accreditation Self Study (I/A)  Xu, Myers (10 minutes)

The Senate will complete formal review of the Accreditation Self Study draft and vote on acceptance of the entire document. Sections that will be reviewed include:


  1. Campus Leadership/Presidential Search – (I/A) Myers (30 minutes)

The Senate will discuss selection of faculty for presidential search committee


  1. “Focus the Nation” National Teach-In – (I) Myers (20 minutes)

The Senate will discuss faculty involvement in the national Teach-In on January 31. 


  1. Shared Governance committees (I) Myers (10 minutes)

Review updated committees list and discuss faculty committee assignments for



  1. President's Report - (I) Myers (10 minutes)


  1. All Other Business