Senators - Faculty Senate

2013-2014 Faculty Senate Senators
(updated January 24, 2014)
Area Representative Office
Health Sciences, Athletics, and PE Jeff Roberts Vice President / President Elect
Health Sciences, Athletics, and PE Carrie Dameron  
English & ESL Jeff Dean  
English & ESL Bob Mitchell Secretary
Counseling & Library Terry Taskey  
Counseling & Library Diane Berkland  
Math Chieko Honma Treasurer
Fine Arts Jim McManus  
Natural Science Luc Desmedt  
Social Science (Vacant)  
Computer Science, Engineering & Educational Technology Jeff O'Connell President
Humanities, Speech, and Education Wayne Yuen  
Deaf Studies, ASL, & INT
  • Shelley Lawrence (Fall 2013)
  • William Wong (Spring 2014)
Part-Time Nicole Sandoval  
At-Large (Vacant)