Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Financial Aid

Q. What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money made available by federal and state funding and private sources in the form of grants, loans, wages, and scholarships.

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Q. How is Financial Aid calculated?

Eligibility is based primarily on prior year income, assets, and family size.

Q. When to apply for Financial Aid?

Applications are available after January 1 of each year for the following academic year (January 1 for the coming academic year which starts in the fall).

Q. How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website at When you log into the website, you will be prompted to create your FSA ID and password. The FSA ID and password serves as your electronic signature to sign your FAFSA. If you are under the age of 24, one of your parents will also need to create an FSA ID to sign your FAFSA.

Q. Can I renew my FAFSA online?

Yes. All you will need is your FSA ID to renew your FAFSA. Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to update your income tax information.

Q. Is it quicker to apply online?

Yes. All you will need is your FSA ID and updated financial information. You will receive a reminder email from the Department of Education letting you know that renewal time is approaching.

Q. Is it quicker to apply online?

An online application is processed by FAFSA in 2-3 days. The Department of Education is taking only a limited number of paper applications because they take 4 to six weeks longer to process.

Important Financial Aid Dates.Q. What are the deadlines?

The Cal Grant priority deadline is March 2 of each year. If you miss this deadline, you may be considered for the Competitive Cal Grant in September.

Q. What is the Title IV code for Ohlone College?

The Ohlone College Title IV school code is 004481.

Q. When do I get my refund/disbursement?

Disbursement dates are posted in the Financial Aid Office. On this website, see Important Dates on this website. Only completed files will be awarded.  Your Financial Aid award letter will be posted on your Ohlone WebAdvisor account. 

All refunds are disbursed using the BankMobile VIBE.  You decide how to receive your refund; either by opening a OneAccount, have the funds transferred into your existing checking or savings account, or by paper check via the postal service.