Gainful Employment - Financial Aid Office

To comply with the Gainful Employment Act, the Ohlone College District is providing the following information about the District’s Vocational Education programs.

Please click on the program title to see detailed information including cost, normal time for completion, average loan debt incurred by students enrolled in the program, completion rates for the program at Ohlone College, and potential careers for program graduates.

All programs listed are Undergraduate Certificate programs.

(Updated December 20, 2017.)

Ohlone College Vocational Education Programs Offering Certificates of Achievement
CIP Code Ohlone Program Title Certificate Department and Program Information
52.0302 Accounting CA.ACCT Business Administration Department
43.0107 Administration of Justice CA.AJ Administration of Justice Department
52.0401 Administrative Assistant: Supervisory Focus CA.ADASP Computer Applications & Occupational Technology Department
16.1601 American Sign Language and Deaf Studies CA.ASL Deaf Studies Division
16.1603 ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program CA.INTP Deaf Studies Division
15.0401 Biotechnology: Bio-Manufacturing CA.BMNF Biotechnology Department
15.0401 Biotechnology: Biostatistics CA.BSTT Biotechnology Department
15.0401 Biotechnology: Biotechnology Research Associate CA.BQCR Biotechnology Department
15.0401 Biotechnology: Cell Production/Fermentation CA.BCEL Biotechnology Department
09.0701 Broadcasting CA.BRDC Broadcasting Department
52.0204 Business Supervision/Management CA.BSM Business Supervision/Management Department
11.0201 Computer Studies/Internet Web Programming CA.CSIN Computer Science Department
11.0201 Computer Studies/Programming CA.CSPR Computer Science Department
11.1006 Desktop Support Technician CA.DST Computer Science Department
19.0709 Early Childhood Studies CA.ECS Early Childhood Studies Department
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Audio Tech CA.EDTA Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Costuming: Certificate CA.EDTC Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Live Event Management CA.EDTL Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Moving Light Tech. CA.EDTM Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Stage Craft CA.EDTS Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0502 Entertainment Design/Tech: Theatrical Lght Tech CA.EDTT Entertainment Design & Technology Program
50.0409 Graphic Arts/Computer Graphics CA.GACG Art Department
50.0408 Interior Design CA.ID Interior Design Department
09.0401 Journalism CA.JOUR Journalism Department
31.0507 Kinesiology: Fitness Professional CA.KFP Kinesiology Department
11.0901 Microsoft Systems Administrator CA.MCSE Computer Science Department
10.0304 Multimedia CA.MM Multimedia Department
11.0901 Network Administrator CA.NETA Computer Science Department
52.1501 Real Estate Sales Broker CA.REB Real Estate Department
11.1003 UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator CA.UNIXA Computer Science Department

Chemistry lab classroom with Dr. Maru Grant.