My Ohlone Card - Financial Aid Office

Sample My Ohlone Card.All federal financial aid awards are disbursed through the My Ohlone Card ( Ohlone College no longer issues financial aid checks.

The My Ohlone Card provides safe and secure access of funds to all financial aid students. It is a debit card, which is linked to a Higher One student account. To receive your awards in a timely manner, you need to instruct Higher One on how to disburse your financial aid – either through a HigherOne Account, put into an existing checking or savings account, or as a paper check.

Steps to Use the My Ohlone Card

  1. Complete your financial aid file.  Your award letter is posted on your Web Advisor account. The Financial Aid office will notify Higher One of your pending award.
  2. You will receive an email from Higher One informing you that your My Ohlone Card is being mailed to you and when to expect it.  Please notify parents/family members that you are expecting your card so it doesn't get thrown away.
  3. You will receive a bright green and white business-sized envelope which says "HIGHER ONE ALL YOU" on the front.
  4. Read the activation instructions:
    1. Go to your Web Advisor Account to obtain your "Authentication Code".  Check the "I agree" box.
    2. Write down or highlight and copy your Code.
    3. Click the link to "
    4. Click "Get Started"
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. You must instruct Higher One on how you want to receive your financial aid.
    • Into your OneAccount if you choose to activate one (immediate availability).
    • Into your existing bank account (2-3 days availability)
    • As a paper check (5 days availability)

If you do not inform Higher One of one of the above choices, Higher One will hold your award for 21 days before mailing a paper check

This card is also the new official Ohlone ID card, replacing the current student ID and has the added option of being used as a debit card account for use on and off campus.  You can also present your card at local business to receive discounts.

Always keep your contact information updated on your WebAdvisor My Profile.

HigherOne ATM machines are located in the Cafeteria, second floor, Building 5 on the Fremont campus, and in the lobby on the Newark campus.

Bank Fees

If you decide to open an OneAccount, remember, this is a bank account. It has all the fees of any other bank account.  Read more about OneAccount bank fees and how to avoid them. 

Because you are issued a Debit Card rather than a Credit Card, the trick to avoid the $0.10 per transaction charge is to "Swipe and Sign."  When you use your My Ohlone Card to make your purchase, hit the "Cancel" button after swiping your card.  Then select "Credit" and sign your name.  Doing this little step can save your $$$.

Start with Change

Master Your Money, One Step at a Time

Start with Change.Also provided on is $tart with Change, your one-stop resource for help with your career, your money and most importantly, your life. Dedicated to helping students improve their money management skills, $tart with Change offers valuable tips, advice and resources from Higher One's Financial Literacy Experts.