Placement Tests at Local High Schools for Fall 2014 Admission to Ohlone College - Freshman Days

Early Registration Process for Seniors.

High School Testing Make-up Sessions

To make a reservation, please email the Ohlone College Placement Testing Center at or call (510) 659-6126.

High School Placement Testing Make-up Sessions for Fall 2014 Admission
(at the Ohlone College Placement Testing Center)
Date Time Location
Wednesday, May 7 4:00pm Room 7205, Building 7, second floor, Ohlone College, Fremont campus
Tuesday, May 13 4:00pm Room 7205, Building 7, second floor, Ohlone College, Fremont campus

The Ohlone College English and math placement tests cover reading comprehension, sentence skills, and math. The placement tests are computerized and not timed. Test results will determine which courses you are eligible to enroll. You do not want to be placed into a course that is too low, so take the placement tests seriously.

The placement tests are not pass-fail tests and do not exclude you from admission to Ohlone College. However, doing your best will save you time and money. Study guides and sample questions are available on our website.

A valid photo ID and an Ohlone Student ID Number are required for taking the tests. No calculators, dictionaries, study guides, or cell phones are allowed during testing. Your test results will be available immediately after you complete the test.

For further questions regarding placement testing, please contact the Placement Testing Center at (510) 659-6126 or

Ohlone College will accept placement test results from other community colleges. Students who have completed the placement tests at other community colleges should email a scanned copy of the results to and include their full name and Ohlone Student ID Number in the email message.

Make sure to sign-up in your high school career centers to take the placement tests. If you missed the test date at your school or your school is not listed below, please visit the Placement Testing Center to sign up for the placement tests.