Ohlone College Graduation Information

Forty-Seventh Annual Graduation Ceremony
Friday, May 23, 2014, 7:00pm

Congratulations all Ohlone College Graduates! We are very proud of your accomplishments at Ohlone and wish you the best of success for your future.

Important Notice re Parking

Parking will be free on graduation night. Ohlone College is currently undergoing construction and all of the upper parking lots are closed (Fremont Campus Map). Guests are advised to arrive early to allow extra time for parking and walking from the lower lots up to the gym (Building 9).

Campus Police Officers will be directing traffic on graduation night. Guests with Disabled/Handicap parking placards should come prepared to easily show their placard to officers who will direct them to disabled parking spaces. Vehicles parking in a Disabled/Handicap parking stall must display a valid Disabled/Handicap parking placard.

Guests in wheelchairs, who use a walker, on crutches, etc. may be dropped off in Key B (Witherly Lane campus entrance) or Key C (Pine Street campus entrance), but there is no parking in these areas and they are intended for drop off and pick up only (Fremont Campus Map).

The last day to apply for Spring 2014 graduation with degrees or certificates was Thursday, February 13, 2014.

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