Graduates: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Ohlone College Forty-Eighth Annual Graduation Ceremony

  • Friday, May 22, 2015
  • 7:00pm
  • Epler Gymnasium, Room 9202, Building 9, second floor, Fremont Campus

Two happy female graduates with 2015 sign.Q. When is the graduation ceremony?

Friday, May 22, 2015 at 7:00pm in the Epler Gymnasium (Building 9), Ohlone College, Fremont campus.

Q. Where and when do I meet for graduation?

Graduates need to be in Building 7, second floor no later than 6:15pm.

Q. Is there a graduation rehearsal?

No. Graduates are expected to read and understand the information on the "Instructions for Graduates" page they were given when they bought their cap and gown.

Q. Where do I get my cap, gown, and tassel?

Go to Academic Regalia (also known as Caps, Gowns, Tassels, and Honor Cords).

Q. Should I arrive on campus wearing my cap and gown?

No, that isn't necessary. You can put on your academic regalia once you get to the second floor of Building 7.

Q. What time should my guests arrive for the ceremony?

Please ask your guests to arrive early. Guests arriving after 7:00pm will have to wait outside the gym until the conclusion of the processional. Please information your guests about the construction on campus and the closure of the upper parking lots. Guests will need to allow extra time to park in the lower lots and walk up to Building 9. Guests with disabilities, physical or mobility challenges, or injuries that would make it difficult to walk up the hill may be dropped off in the Palm Bosque loop area, accessible from the Pine Street campus entrance to campus. There is no parking in this area and it is for drop off and pick up of guests only. (Map for ADA Drop Off on Graduation Day (PDF).)

Q. Is there a limit to how many guests I can invite to the ceremony?

Yes. Tickets are required for guests. Graduates will receive 6 tickets for their guests when they purchase their cap and gown at the Ohlone College Bookstore. Please note that no one will be admitted without a ticket. (Guests in wheelchairs do not need a ticket.)

Q. Is there special seating available for disabled guests?

Yes. There will be a special section in the bleachers near the platform for guests with special needs. Signs will mark this special seating area.

Q. Will interpreters be available at the ceremony?

Yes. Guests needing an interpreter will be able to sit in a special section in the bleachers near the platform.

Q. Will my guests need to pay for parking?

No. Parking is free for the graduation ceremony.