Graduates: Instructions for Graduates - Ohlone College Forty-Eighth Annual Graduation Ceremony

  • Friday, May 22, 2015
  • 7:00pm
  • Epler Gymnasium, Room 9202, Building 9, second floor, Fremont Campus

In order to not have a rehearsal, we ask you to read and understand the following instructions.

Please Read Carefully

  1. Happy female graduates.Graduates meet in Building 7, second floor at 6:15pm for robing and alignment. Please do not bring purses, coats, suit jackets. It is best for you to leave belongings with family/friends, as there is no checkroom. (Hint - bring a couple of bobby pins for your cap.) Caps are to be worn so that they are flat on top with tassel on the right-front side.

  2. Check-in with Admissions and Records staff to pick up your name card to be used by the announcer and photographer. You must have a card. After receiving the card, participants will align themselves 2 by 2. No special order is required - except that the Deaf and Interpreting graduates are first in line followed by the Nursing, Physical Therapist, and Respiratory Therapy graduates. All other graduates can line up in random order. If you want to sit by another person graduating, you will need to stand next to each other.
  3. At 6:50pm sharp the procession will begin to the gymnasium. Staff will lead the graduates and ushers will guide you. You will line up in pairs; however, you will enter the gym in a single file. You will enter the gym behind the platform. The leaders of the graduates will lead you to your seats. Once you enter the gym behind the platform, you will turn to your right, turn left at the bleachers, walk straight down the aisle past the rows of seats, turn left at the end of the rows, and turn left again to enter the center aisle to the seating area reserved for graduates. After a row is filled, the people in that row are to be seated. Ushers will assist you.

  4. After all graduates have been seated, the assemblage will rise for the singing of the anthem.

  5. President Gari Browning opens commencement; welcomes graduates, guests, and staff; and gives a message to the graduates.

  6. Ms. Sonam Babu, President of the Associated Students of Ohlone College, makes brief remarks of congratulations.

  7. Mr. Jeff Roberts, Faculty Senate President, introduces the Graduation Speaker.

  8. Mr. Richard Watters, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, presents the Valedictorian Award.

  9. Dr. Leta Stagnaro, Vice President, Academic Affairs, will approach the podium. At her hand signal, all graduates rise in unison. Dr. Stagnaro then presents the graduates to the Chair of the Board of Trustees as having completed all the requirements of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges and of the Board of Trustees of the Ohlone Community College District for the Associate Degrees.

  10. Mr. Greg Bonaccorsi, Chair of the Board of Trustees, accepts the class on behalf of the Board of Trustees and "confers" the degrees.

  11. After conferring of degrees, the individual presentation of diploma cases will begin. Dr. Ron Travenick, Vice President, Student Services, will be standing at the microphone at the platform ramp and will ask all graduates to take their seats. He will ask the first row of graduates to stand and proceed to the platform. Each graduate hands his/her name card to the announcers who will read the names. The first graduate proceeds across the platform and the second graduate walks to the microphone and hands his/her name card to the announcer. This continues until the last student crosses the stage. Ushers will assist with directing rows of graduates to the platform and back to their chairs. Accept your diploma case with your left hand and keep your right hand free for the traditional handshake. As you receive your diploma case, relax, smile, and be proud! Switch mortarboard tassel to left side. Return to your row and your original seat. Remain standing until entire row has returned…then be seated. (Please read this part again.) * For additional notes for all Nursing, RT, PTA graduates read Attention: Nursing, RT, PTA Graduates below. *

  12. After the diploma ceremony is completed, Dr. Travenick will give instructions to all about how to exit the gymnasium in an orderly manner. Please follow instructions of the ushers. Please exit quickly and meet your guests in the Hyman Hall Courtyard. (Please tell guests ahead of time that you will meet them in the Hyman Hall Courtyard. Do not meet them inside the gym or by the doors.)

  13. Dr. Browning closes the ceremonies.

  14. The recessional route proceeds out the doors on the same end of the gym where you entered. You will exit your row of seats towards the bleachers and will turn right to exit the gym behind the platform. Once outside the gym, proceed quickly down the stairs to Hyman Hall to avoid crowding. (Please tell guests ahead of time that you will meet them in the Hyman Hall Courtyard. Do not meet them inside the gym or by the doors.)

There is a Graduation Reception for graduates and guests in the Hyman Hall Plaza sponsored by the Associated Students of Ohlone College.

Thank you for accomplishing all of this without rehearsal!


Best Wishes to You for Your Future Successes.

General Notes:

  • If any of your guests use a wheelchair or need special seating, please have them tell an usher when they arrive at the ceremony.
  • Please ask your guests to arrive early. Guests arriving after 7:00pm will have to wait outside the gym until the conclusion of the processional. Please information your guests about the construction on campus and the closure of the upper parking lots. Guests will need to allow extra time to park in the lower lots and walk up to Building 9. Guests with disabilities, physical or mobility challenges, or injuries that would make it difficult to walk up the hill may be dropped off in the Palm Bosque loop area, accessible from the Pine Street campus entrance to campus. There is no parking in this area and it is for drop off and pick up of guests only. (Map for ADA Drop Off on Graduation Day (PDF).)
  • There will be a section (with signs) in the bleachers near the platform for guests who have special needs (i.e. Deaf, disabled seating). Children are welcome but, due to space and safety constraints, we do not allow strollers in the gymnasium. There will be a stroller parking lot near the gym.
  • Cell phones and pagers are to be turned off (or silenced) during the ceremony or, preferably, left outside the gymnasium.
  • Your family and friends may take personal pictures on the platform after everyone is out of the gym. Please ask your guests not to crowd the aisles before, during or after the ceremony.
  • Ohlone College graduation is a public event. As such, participating in or attending these proceedings gives permission to Ohlone College or any media to take and use your photograph for publicity, marketing or news purposes.
  • Please ask your guests to remain in the stands and act appropriately - they should not interfere with graduation.
  • Please dress appropriately – the gym may be quite warm and stuffy.

Graduating receiving his nursing pin.

Nursing, RT, PTA Graduates

At the appropriate time, you will be led up to the platform to the pinning area. Carry your pins unclasped as you proceed down the center aisle to the platform. Prior to entering the platform, you will be pinned by Dean Gale Carli and the Program Director.