Graduates: Academic Regalia (also known as Caps, Gowns, Tassels, and Honor Cords) - Ohlone College Forty-Seventh Annual Graduation Ceremony

  • Friday, May 23, 2014
  • 7:00pm
  • Epler Gymnasium, Room 9202, Building 9, second floor, Fremont Campus

Grad Fair - Tuesday, May 6, 2014

  • 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Ohlone College Bookstore, Building 5, first floor, Fremont campus

Grad Fair is when the Bookstore begins selling regalia and issuing tickets for graduation to students. Students may buy graduation items anytime after that. However, there are a limited amount of graduation tickets available and they are distributed on a first come, first served basis. All items are for purchase only in the Bookstore. Pricing information for graduation regalia is available in the FAQs below.

Tickets for Graduation: A maximum of 6 tickets are issued per graduating student. Tickets are issued only to those graduates who will be walking at graduation. Purchase of a cap, gown and tassel is required. If you do not need all six tickets, please take only what you will use.

Students in Nursing and PTA programs can email the Bookstore at for further information regarding how to obtain their regalia.

Happy Graduates!All Ohlone graduates wear a green gown, green cap, and have a yellow and green tassel. Students who are graduating with honors will also have a gold honor cord. The academic regalia is an important part of the graduation ceremony, and all graduates participating in the ceremony will wear a cap and gown.

The Ohlone College Bookstore is hosting a Grad Fair on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. For more information, visit the Herff Jones - Ohlone College Grad Fair website.

Q. Where can I buy my cap, gown, and tassel?

Caps, gowns, and tassels will be on sale in the Ohlone College Bookstore on the Fremont campus (Building 5, first floor). Go to the Ohlone College Bookstore website at to get their hours of operation for May.

Q. How much does a cap, gown, and tassel cost?

A Graduation Package includes a cap, gown, and standard tassel and costs $40.00 + $3.60 tax = $43.60 total.

A Graduation Package includes a cap, gown, and bling tassel and costs $47.00 + $4.23 tax = $51.23 total.

Q. How much does an Honor Cord cost?

An Honor Code costs $13.00 + $1.17 tax = $14.17 total. A list of those who are receiving honors is sent to the Bookstore; only those students on the list may purchase an Honor Cord.

Q. I'm not walking in the graduation ceremony but I still want a tassel. How much does a tassel cost?

A standard tassel costs $6.00 + $0.54 tax = $6.54 total.

A bling tassel is also available for $13.00 + $1.17 tax = $14.17 total.

Q. Do I buy or rent my cap, gown, and tassel?

Sorry, the Bookstore does not rent. The cap, gown, and tassel you purchase are yours to keep after the ceremony; you do not need to return them.

Q. How do I know if I am going to receive honors at graduation?

The Office of Admissions and Records has already determined which graduates are graduating with honors and given a list to the Ohlone College Bookstore. The Bookstore refers to this list when selling honor cords and will only sell honor cords to those students whose name appears on the list. Honors are based on academic records at the end of Fall 2013.

Q. How do I get an honor cord?

Students who are graduating with honors may purchase an honor cord in the Ohlone College Bookstore when they buy their cap and gown. The cost for an honor cord is $13.00 + $1.17 tax = $14.17 total.

Q. Is there any other important information I should know about the cap and gown?

Yes! It is a good idea to place your gown on a hanger and leave it in the bathroom when you take a shower; this should take out most of the folds and wrinkles. Ironing is acceptable, but be sure to put the iron on the "cool" setting so you do not burn a hole in your gown!

Also, your tassel should be on the right side. After you receive your diploma case you can move your tassel to the left side.