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Fremont-Newark Area Map.

Local Airport information

  • Ohlone College (home of the GURC - West) is located between the Oakland and San Jose airports. San Francisco airport is also another option.
  • OAK to Fremont 25 miles.
  • SJC to Fremont 13 miles.
  • SFO to Fremont 36 miles.

Note: Distance does not equal time.

Distance and Timing

Oakland International Airport (OAK) is the easiest to get in and out of. Traffic is generally lighter going to this airport.

Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) is close by, but the traffic coming in and out of San Jose is often troublesome. This is the heavy commute area -- welcome to the Silicon Valley! If you choose this airport, be aware that depending on the day and time of travel you may have to add at least one hour to your travel time, i.e, under optimal travel conditions it takes 30-45 minutes to get from SJ to Fremont, during rush hour you could easily add one hour (sometimes more).

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the farthest. Traffic is heavy crossing the bay. This too could add an hour or more during rush hour. Optimal travel conditions are 45-75 minutes. All bridges leading to SFO charge a toll from east to west direction. Check the Bay Area Tolls website for updated information.

Ground Transportation Options

Hotel Shuttle Service - To our knowledge, no hotel in Fremont offers free shuttle service to/from any airport. It is suggested you double check with any hotel to see if they have added this option.

BART - Yes, we do have a BART station in Fremont. No, it is not close to the college. It is not necessarily a good option for training or visits to the GURC. However, if you stay longer, or come early, it's a great way to visit San Francisco. If you want to take public transit, you can take BART to the Fremont exit and board an AC Transit bus headed for the campus in Fremont.

Ride Sharing services do serve our area.

Oakland Ground Transportation information can be obtained at the following sites:

San Jose Ground Transportation information can be obtained at the following sites:

San Francisco Ground Transportation information can be obtained at the following sites:

Lodging near Ohlone College

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