Health Services Fee - Student Health Center

Ohlone College provides health services for students through the Student Health Center. In accordance with State Community College regulations, all enrolled students will be charged a Health Services Fee of:

  • $19 for Spring 2014 Semester


The only exemptions for this fee are listed below:

  • The Health Services Fee is optional for students taking classes held only on Sunday or only at off-campus locations. Only such students who elect to pay the Health Services Fee will be eligible for health services.

  • Students who rely only on prayer for healing in accordance with teachings of a bonafide religious sect, denomination, or organization may seek exemption from the Health Services Fee and services. To apply for a waiver, students must provide a statement of such reliance from an official of the sect, denomination, or organization to the Student Health Center on the Fremont campus at least one week prior to their registration date. Waivers will not be processed after a student has registered and exemptions will not be accepted after the second week of the term.