Contact Information / Staff Listing - Human Resources and Training

HR Contacts / Staff Listing
(updated September 23, 2016)
Name - Title Telephone, Email, Room Area(s) of Responsibility
Shairon Zingsheim
- Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Employee complaints; discrimination, harassment, general
David Panales
- Confidential Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training
  • Point of Contact for AVP
  • Liaison for AVP and internal and external communications
Vy Anderson
- Senior Human Resources Analyst
  • Certificated employees
  • Unrepresented employees
  • Contact for UFO members
Jennifer Druley
- Senior Human Resources Analyst
  • Temporary employees: Substitutes, Professional experts, Short-terms, Student Workers, Work Study Students
  • E-LEARN Portal
  • Classified Employees
  • Contact for CSEA members
  • Contact for SEIU members
Christina Caratachea
- Confidential HR Specialist
  • General Support
Joanne Gapuz
- Benefits Administrator
  • Contact for Accommodations and ADA related issues
  • Benefits, Leaves, Workers Compensation