HR Workshops and Training Events- Human Resources and Training

As workshops and events are scheduled, they will be announced to employees via email and posted on this web page. "Lunch and Learn Workshops" are also open to Ohlone students. All other workshops/events are open only to employees unless otherwise noted in the description.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

"Lunch and Learn Workshops" are also open to Ohlone students.

Please check back for Lunch and Learn Workshops!

General Employee Workshops and Events

Back Safety and Ergonomics

Ohlone Community College has a campus wide back safety and ergonomics training to assure a safe and healthful work environment for its employees. In this training: you will be able to:

  • Understand the anatomy of the back
  • Understand how back injuries occur
  • Prevent back injuries
  • Gain knowledge on back maintenance, exercise and wellness
  • Use proper lifting techniques and load carrying
  • Gain knowledge on ergonomics
  • Think careful and intelligently about your back

Employee Safety Workshops and Events

Please check back for Employee Safety Workshops and Events!

A list of and materials from previous workshops are available in the Archive of HR Workshops and Training Events.