Passwords for PC Clients - Information Technology (IT) Department

I forgot my Password! What do I do?

Use the Helpdesk to open a service request to have your password reset.

Password recommendations

Remember: Passwords are Case-Sensitive

  • Do Not write your Password down.
  • Make it 6 to 8 characters long.
  • Make a combination of capital and small letters and throw in at least one number.
  • Do not make it an obvious word, such as your name, your spouse's name or the names of your children.
  • Change your Password at least once per semester.

When you go through the Password process the first time you will have to enter Passwords 3 times

  • Network Password
  • Windows Password
  • Netscape Mail POP3 Password

Use the same Password for all 3. Otherwise you will have to use all 3 passwords each time you start the computer.

After the initial setup you should only have to enter the Password once at startup and once again to use your email.

Now turn your computer on

Enter Network Password

(If you don't get the Password box with 3 fields, call the support number #7333 immediately and leave a message. You cannot logon to the network without entering your password. If someone else's name is in the UserName Box, Shift-Tab and type your own UserName.)

  1. UserName = FirstInitial LastName (e.g. JSmith for John Smith)
  2. Password= (your password)
  3. The 3rd field should contain "Ohlone_Domain."

A dialog box may say your Password is outdated.

Don't worry. Now is the time to replace that old Password with a new one of your own choice, so Click OK.

If your password is outdated, another dialog box will appear with 3 fields.

  1. Old Password:
  2. New Password:
  3. Confirm New Password:

In the Old Password Field, there should be a string of ****** (asterisks) representing your old password. Tab to or click in the New Password field. Type your New Password. Tab to Confirm New Password field. Retype your newly made up Password. Click OK.

Another Dialog box will appear asking for your Windows Password

Enter the same password that you used for Network logon.

Windows will ask if you want to save these settings for use each time this user logs on. Click Yes.

To change the Windows & NT Passwords

Click Start >>> Settings >>> Control Panels >>> Passwords(double click) >>> Change Passwords >>> Change Windows Password >>>

In Dialog box: Make sure that the box next to Microsoft Networking has a Ö in it. This will change your Microsoft Networking Password any time you change your Windows Password.

Another Dialog box should pop up here:

Old Password:

New Password:

Confirm New Password:

Enter the information asked for in these fields. Click OK.

A Dialog box will say:

Your Password has been changed.

(If it doesn't, call #7333 immediately and leave a message. There's no way you're gonna get past this without help.)

Click OK.