Administration and Staff Listing - Information Technology (IT) Department

All requests for assistance should be placed through the Helpdesk.

IT Staff
(updated November 26, 2014)
Supervisor Position Name Telephone
(510) area code
(Interim) Chief Technology Officer

Jim Petromilli

659-6514 Room 1107C
  Executive Assistant Diana Garza 659-6466 (Direct Line) Room 1107B
  Web Designer / Web Team Lead Cheryl Lambert 979-7409 Room 1138
Director of Application Services Nasser Noei 659-6530 Room 1129
  Administrative Systems Analyst Mycile Cahambing 659-6120 Room 1130
  Information Systems Engineer Shirleen Ho 659-6495 Room 1130
  Sr. Information Systems Engineer Shyla Narayanan 659-6070 Room 1131
  Administrative Systems Analyst Shaun Vetter 659-6015 Room 1130
  Administrative Systems Analyst Kathleen Schoenecker 659-6248 Room 1133
  Contractor - Programmer Datatel Jamie Brannen Online -
Director of Technical Services Daman Grewal 659-6442 Room 4114
  Helpdesk, Fremont campus   659-7333 Room 4110
  Helpdesk, Newark campus   742-3135 Room NC1306
  Applications and Systems Administrator Kevin Chen 659-7346 Room HH-102
  Desktop Support Technician II Liz Crisp 659-6282 Room 4110
  Computer Lab Coordinator Robert Hayden 979-7990 Room HH-102
  Desktop Support Technician II Lynn Hickson 659-6499 Room 4110
  Computer Lab Coordinator Yu-Pui Kong 659-6280 Room 1301, Media Center (inside Library)
  Computer Lab Coordinator Wen Kuang 979-7993 Hyman Hall, second Floor
  Network Support Technician Steve Moreci 659-6016 Room HH-102
  Desktop Support Technician II Charles Outing 742-3137 Room NC1306, Newark campus
  Desktop Support Technician II Delphyne Rollins 742-3136 Room NC1306, Newark campus
  Customer Support Coordinator Mike Triplett 659-6004 Room 4110