Install Ohlone's Wireless CA Digital Certificate - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

First, if you haven't done so already, download Ohlone's digital certificate (do so by right clicking on the link and saving the certificate to your desktop using the "Save target as" option (note that the name of this option is different for different browsers). You are now ready to install the certificate.

On your desktop, locate the icon for the "ohloneWirelessCA" file. Right click on it and select Install Certificate.

The Certificate Import Wizard will open. Select Next.

Using the default setting ("Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate"), install the certificate onto your system by selecting Next

Select Finish to accept the displayed settings.

Review the information in the Root Certificate Store dialog window. The certificate you are adding should match the information provided below:

Subject : Ohlone College CA, Information Services, Ohlone College, Fremont, California, US
Issuer : Self Issued
Time Validity : Thursday, February 26, 2004 through Thursday, February 26, 2009
Serial Number : 01
Thumbprint (sha1) : 95E975C3 14DEECC2 A431EB7F 5A2297FF 0D2FSF24
Thumbprint (md5) " 11EB2F04 288D7362 4291E698 16E97FB8

Select the Yes button in the dialog box. Ohlone's Wireless CA certificate will be installed on your system to enable secure communications.

You will then see a dialog box indicating "The import was successful." You have successfully imported the digital certificate.

This digital certificate can now be viewed from your web browser's certificate management interface. Using Internet Explorer, you can view the certificate by selecting Tools > Internet Options.

Select the Contents tab and then the Certificates button.

The Certificates management page opens.

Select the Trusted Root Certificates tab and scroll down until you see the "Ohlone College CA" certificate.

This is Ohlone College's current Root Certificate. It will be used to verify the identity of the authentication server providing your logon credentials. It will also be used to facilitate the Transport Layer Security tunnel that will provide encrypted communication between your client and the network. This certificate can fulfill multiple functions that will be listed in the dialog window. Although this certificate may provide some of these functionalities in the future, it is beyond the scope of this document.

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