Using Linksys to Connect to Ohlone's Wireless Network - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

Access to Ohlone's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) requires that you have an Ohlone College "Computer Lab Account". You can create and/or update this account from the Ohlone College Web Services Accounts page (also available at or in WebAdvisor by selecting "Manage Your Web Services Account").

Launch the Linksys configuration program, and click on the "Profiles" tab.

Click on "New…" to create a new profile. Give it a name, like "ohlone". Next, select the frequency bands the network will use. For best results, select both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz:

Obtain network addresses through DHCP:

Configure the name of the network. This should be set to "ohlone" (lower case, no spaces):

For Security, select "Externally Managed 802.1X keys":

Finally, save the profile, and activate the new settings:

Finally, configure authentication through Windows using the Windows 2000 authentication configuration document.

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