Map a Network Drive - Windows 2000 - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

In order to access your staff folder on the Ohlone_1 server, you will need to provide your OHLONE_DOMAIN username and password to authenticate to the windows share. This is the same username and password that you normally use to log onto your computer in your office. As pictured below, right click on the "My Network Neighborhood" icon and select "Map Network Drive" from the pull down menu.

In the Map Network Drive window, you will need to type the server name and path to your network folder. In the box labeled folder, type the following information (do not include the quotation marks, replace username with your log in name, and make sure not to put in any spaces) "\\ohlone_1\staff\username".

After providing the above information in the folder window, click on the "Connect using a different user name" link highlighted in blue. This will bring up the following login window. The information you see at the top of the window will differ slightly based on the name of your computer. In the "User name:" box, type in the following information (not including the quotation marks and replacing username with your login name that you normally use in your office) "ohlone_domain\username". You will then need to provide the password that you normally use for your office computer to enable you to access this folder in the Ohlone_domain (see images below as an example).

Click "OK" when you are finished putting in your username and password (do not forget to include the "ohlone_domain\" before your username). The Map Network Drive window will now be visible again and you will then need to click the "Finish" button to connect to your Ohlone_1 network share.

After you have entered in your information and clicked on the "Finish" button, you will automatically be connect to your network folder on the Ohlone_1 server. This network folder will be mapped to the drive letter that shown in the Map Network Drive window when you were connecting. The drive can be view and accessed by opening the "My Computer" icon (see example image below).

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