Map a Network Drive - Windows XP - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

Click on the Start menu button at the lower left corner, this will open the menu that you see in the following image. Select the "My Network Places" tab to open the the Network Places window (see below).

On the left side "Network Tasks" menu select the "Add a network place" link.

On the left side "Network Tasks" menu, select the "Add a network place" link.

This will open the "Add Network Place" wizard to guide you through mapping a drive to your network shared folder. (See next image)

Click the "Next" button to continue.

You should then highlight "Choose another network location" link and click the "Next" button to continue the setup of your network folder.

You will then be able to either browse the network for the appropriate server to locate your network folder or type in the \\servername\path-to-folder. As an example, the path to a staff folder on the Ohlone_1 server will be used.

In order to create the network folder, type in the following information (do not use the quotation marks, replace username with the log on name that you normally use in your office, and do not include any spaces unless there is a space in the folder name itself). \\ohlone_1\staff\username

After you have typed in the server name and folder names, click the "Next" button. The system will take a moment to find the server and then it will prompt you for the username and password that you normally use when logging onto your office computer.

You will need to provide the name of the domain that you are logging onto as well as the username you normally use when logging into your office computer. The domain name that you need to supply is "ohlone_domain" followed by a "\" and your username. (Please see the image below for the proper syntax.)

After the system has found the server and logged you on, Windows will prompt you to create a shortcut to this Network place for future reference.

After accepting the default name or renaming the shortcut, click on the "Next" button. This will bring up the final screen of the "Add Network Place Wizard".

Click on the "Finish" button to complete the process and open your network folder.

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