Using OSX Panther (10.3.x) to Connect to Ohlone's Wireless Network - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

Access to Ohlone's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) requires that you have an Ohlone College "Computer Lab Account". You can create and/or update this account from the Ohlone College Web Services Accounts page (also available at or in WebAdvisor by selecting "Manage Your Web Services Account").

If AirPort is off:

Enable it by selecting Turn AirPort On:

If AirPort is on:

Available networks should display:

Select Open Internet Connection to configure 802.1x wireless authentication:

The AirPort Internet Connections window opens:

This is the initial configuration window. Users will see it like this as well as indicating any wireless network it may detect. See following image… The window will change back and forth between these two views.

In order to enable an appropriate wireless authentication profile, the user will need to enable 802.1x authentication on the computer. With the AirPort window active, select the File menu on the top task manager bar and select New 802.1x Connection.

The 802.1x icon will appear in the open Internet Connection window:

Select "Ohlone" from the available wireless networks:

Enter the Username and Password for your 802.1x wireless account:

Save this wireless network configuration for future reference by selecting Edit Configurations from the Configuration drop-down menu:

Name the configuration "Ohlone wireless" and select the Save button to save the profile name:

A new window will open prompting the user to save the profile with the following default settings. Hit OK accepting the default settings.

The user will next be prompted to accept the Ohlone College SSL Certificate. Accept all the certificates.

Accept SSL certificate from Ohlone College…

When a user logins in again, they should select "Ohlone" from the Airport Internet Connection icon pull down menu. This system will then prompt them to "Confirm Access to Keychain". (Since the window is security-related, it would not allow a screenshot to be taken.) The dialog box will ask the user "Mac OS X wants permission to use the "Ohlone wireless" item from your keychain. Do you want to allow this?" The options available are Deny, Allow Once, Always Allow. Select Always Allow.

In the future, users will need to select the AirPort icon and select Open Internet Connection. Once open the users should select the 802.1x from the menu bar, verify the appropriate profile (Ohlone wireless) and hit connect:

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