Using Proxim 8480 to Connect to Ohlone's Wireless Network - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

Access to Ohlone's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) requires that you have an Ohlone College "Computer Lab Account". You can create and/or update this account from the Ohlone College Web Services Accounts page (also available at or in WebAdvisor by selecting "Manage Your Web Services Account").

Launch the client utility:

To get connected, you must first create a profile to access the network. Click on the profile management tab.

Click new to start creating a new profile:

Give the profile a name, say, "ohlone", and then fill in the SSID for the profile. The SSID is the name of the network, which in this case is "ohlone" (all lower case, no quotes):

Next, go to the Security tab, and select "Pre-Shared Key". This network uses a dynamic key, but the card requires that this be configured as a pre-shared key.

Click on the Configure button to put in a dummy key. This key is not used to encrypt data, but the software requires that a key be configured. On the right hand side, drop the drop-down box to "128 bit" and enter 26 digits in the middle box. Any combination of 26 numbers is fine.

Under the advanced tab, disable the "5 GHz 108 Mbps" option by unchecking it. This is a proprietary Proxim mode that is not supported on the Ohlone network. All other options may be left at their default settings.

Click OK to finish defining the profile. You must "Activate" the profile by clicking on the "Activate" button on the right hand side:

Now configure the wireless interface to authenticate to the network by using the Windows 2000 authentication configuration document.

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