Using Windows 2000 to Connect to Ohlone's Wireless Network - Ohlone Wireless Networking, Information Technology (IT) Department

Access to Ohlone's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) requires that you have an Ohlone College "Computer Lab Account". You can create and/or update this account from the Ohlone College Web Services Accounts page (also available at or in WebAdvisor by selecting "Manage Your Web Services Account").

Step 1. Install the authentication software

Patch your system to Win2K SP4. Go to the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and double click on Services. Select the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service:

You will want to set this service to start automatically, and then start the service.

The wireless zero config service is very important to authenticate to the network, so go to the Recovery tab to make sure it restarts if it dies:

Step 2. Configure authentication

Go to Network Control Panel, and right click on the wireless NIC. Choose Properties:

Check the "show icon in taskbar…" Next go to the Authentication tab to configure the authentication to the wireless network. Select PEAP authentication, and uncheck all the other boxes as shown:

Next, go to PEAP properties:

Check "Validate server certificate" as this ensures you are connecting to the network you think you are. Select the Ohlone Wireless CA certificate as the Trusted Root CA. Clear the "Enable Fast Reconnect" box.

For the Authentication at the bottom, select EAP-MSCHAP-V2. Pull up the properties by clicking on the Configure button. Disable the "Automatically use Windows logon name and password" by unchecking the box on the EAP-MSCHAP-V2 properties dialog box.

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