Cost of Attendance - International Programs and Services

The Estimated Costs of Attendance below are what the Office of International Programs and Services expects a full Academic Year - Spring and Fall semesters - of study at Ohlone College to cost an international student, all expenses included. Please note that the English Language Institute fees are different.

Estimated Costs of Attendance, One Academic Year
Effective Fall 2014
(2 semesters, 24 units)
(updated April 25, 2013)
Item Cost (USD)
Total $21,374
Tuition and Fees, at $274 per unit $6,634
Books and Supplies $950
Health Insurance $1,300
Room and Meals $9,590
Other expenses (including transportation and personal expenses) $2,900

Tuition and Fees costs are based upon full-time study during both Spring and Fall semesters, with “full-time” signifying 12 units each semester, or a total of 24 units in the Academic Year. Each additional unit of study undertaken would cost an additional $274. There is an additional $29 per-semester charge included in the total Tuition and Fees figure.

The total minimum cost that you should prepare to pay each year to Ohlone College is $6,634. All other expenses vary, depending upon an individual student’s circumstances.

The Estimated Costs of Attendance is provided to help you prepare your budget for your studies. You must also demonstrate proof of funding in this Total amount or greater, as part of your Ohlone College application, and as part of your F-1 Student Visa application.

[All dollar amounts are in United States Dollars.]